Lime Crime lands in Space NK

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 5 - 2010

Cult US eccentric brand Lime Crime are currently enjoying a boost in credbility thanks to UK based apothecary Space NK.  In an unlikely but ultimately interesting pairing, Space NK will be bringing the full range of Lime Crime CandyFuture lipsticks to the store’s shelves later this month.

The collection of 10 lipsticks which range in colour from an opaque black right through to palest lavender will hit UK shores with a price tag of £14 each compared to US equivalent pricing of $16.  The price hike is pretty much expected, and perhaps slightly less than anticipated when you consider Space NK’s ill-fated launch of excessively priced Sonia Kashuk brushes last year.

The reputation of Lime Crime… with self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” owner/operator Doe Deere at the helm, has recently endured the internet equivalent of a “beat-down”.

The company may initially struggle to gain trust and loyalty from cosmetic connosieurs in the UK with the recent allegations raised against the brand, but I don’t doubt for one moment that the playful, fantastical nature of the brand will appeal to many high-street shoppers.

The launch has the potential to bring a fresh, younger audience to Space NK… which may ultimately validate this unusual synergy between conservatively styled Space NK and the whimsical Lime Crime.

As an interested observer (but ultimate fence-sitter) with regards to the recent Lime Crime dramas, this has the potential to be one hell of a launch.  I just hope that Space NK have ordered in enough glitter and life-size unicorns.

27 Responses to “Lime Crime lands in Space NK”

  1. Charlie says:

    I’ll be avoiding at all costs. Least of all cos of the Temptalia business.

  2. Samantha says:

    Out of all the Limecrime products, the lipsticks have interested me the most. I’m not terribly fond of their business ethics so I’m not sure if I’d be willing to support the brand by spending money on them, but I will probably go into the store to check them out and see what they’re like for myself. The high pigmentation is a major draw for me, but I’ve heard they can be drying and can leave a stain. I’d like to see for myself if those claims are true.

  3. VexintheCity says:

    I love the first promo pic!

  4. caz says:

    I think they are crazy pretty, and I’d love them if they were so expensive and she didnt have a tendecy to slap legal bollocks onto anyone who dares say anythign bad about her. she needs to come back down to earth and realise in the real world not everyone worships the ground you walk on.

  5. Georgie says:

    Hmmmm I’m totally undecided on this brand, but those lipsticks sure are cute! Love the packaging.

  6. I hope some ~regular people (who dont obsessively read blogs like me and therefore dont know about the dramz) notice that the lipsticks have a horrible formula. Maybe then Xenu will finally realise that it’s not every single reviewer lying about how chalky they are.

  7. Halima says:

    They look super cute. But I don’t think I’ll be purchasing them tbh! x

  8. Nina says:

    It’s a big no-no from me…there’s enough makeup out there to satisfy my cravings, without my having to condone the despicable ethics of this particular brand and its founder.

  9. liloo says:

    woah, reading the comments here, didnt expect so much love and hate, well hate really. I dont know anything about the lime crime drama but i know doodle dee or whatever her name, the girl behing lime crime puts her heart and soul into it. Not interested in the lippies but omg, I do love the eye stuff they have. xx

    dear me: can someone keeps me clued up about the drama? what happened. talk about a post opening a van of worms! :)
    *buys popcorn*

  10. Haven’t a clue about the drama but since Mac lippies are cheaper and I can see all of the colours I like in the pic are similar to mac shades I doubt I’ll botherer especially as every time I am in Space NK I feel like I am being stalked, they really need to learn to back off!

  11. Redtiger21 says:

    I’m with liloo, I know nothing about the drama– tell tell tell!!!!

    Oh, and the colours look rather interesting there, but i’;m not sure if i’m enough of a colour fiend to spend 14 quid on a blue lippy, know what i mean?

  12. Lillian always posts about Xenia’s stupid little antics as well.

    It disgusts me that her brand will placed in a store for the masses to buy- people who DON’T read beauty blogs, and DON’T know about her horrible business practices, her flat out lying, and the fact that the lipstick formula is just pure shit. I don’t see how Space NK couldn’t have done a little research prior to agreeing to house her product- if you google search Lime Crime, I don’t see how you can avoid looking at all the evidence of her lying to her customers and selling them crappy products. I hope no one buys them without researching her company first.

  13. I really wouldn’t have thought that she was a big enough deal here for Space NK to pick up her line. Lauren Luke’s make-up line isn’t even stocked in any stores here, and she has a book and a video game and countless interviews and write-ups in traditional media. If I didn’t blog I’d be like “Lime Crime Who?”.

    I agree that they’re probably stocking it to try to bring in a younger audience – but does that audience really have enough cash to spend £14 on each lipstick? And I’m bemused about the lack of research like Heather – don’t these buyers know how to google?

  14. Lucy says:

    I’ll be skipping this and telling all my friend too as well!
    Anyone who calls their customers ‘assholes’ for ripping them off and slaps legal mufflers on blogs and fakes promo photos and lies about repackaging and hems expensive dresses with duct tape and KNOWINGLY sells them on and sets her little cult army on poor bloggers who dare to write impartial reviews by giving out her personal email address…

    etc etc etc etc etc.
    It’ll be something else next week. The drama never dies with this one.. all that and the make-up isn’t even very good :)

  15. KT says:

    Hmmm. Sorta look cute but mostly looks young. When would I ever really need a baby blue lipstick anyways? Answer, once a year for Halloween, maybe, so in that case I’ll just get a cheap like NYC. Pass for me.

  16. Charlie says:

    Aside from the dramas, none of them appeal to me, garish springs to mind.

    I wonder how SpacenK are dealing with the vegan issue.

  17. Dani says:

    i’m also wondering how on earth lime crime was able to do this. i mean, if i can come across it, surely the head honchos of Space.NK can?

  18. The sky blue lipstick looks fun but would probably make me look like a corpse. lol The pinks look nice.

    To Lucy, Bummer about your bad experience. I had trouble with Staples today about a computer I purchased. I’ll be blogging about it after I finish sending my complaint to all the big wigs I can reach. Its sad in this recession time that customer service has disappeared. You’d think people would try harder to keep customers.

  19. unetasse says:

    I won’t be buying anything as nothing really appeals to me. The colours remind me of Barry M’s range of lippies which are infinitely cheaper at £4.25 The Space NK pairing is also quite odd…

  20. RaeRae says:

    Aside from drama, I’m perplexed why SpaceNK have gone for this brand… There are brands that would attract a younger audience without being so out of sync with Space.NK’s image.
    Also, like someone else said, the audience that Lime Crime are trying to attract rarely have £14 for lipstick so I don’t know how they sell so much?! Guess all the rahs love it.

  21. Liz says:

    Even putting aside all of the drama, the lipstick photos on the Lime Crime website are photoshopped, rather than being photos of the actual colours. There’s only about 3 or 4 different lip ‘poses’ but 10 colours…LOL. That alone is enough to swear me off the brand forever.

  22. Grace London says:

    I’ll be interested to read what you think of the lipsticks, as someone who hasn’t been caught up in the furore (good or bad!)

    It’s not appealing to me personally; but I’d be all over it if it was Sugarpill.

  23. Lillian says:

    So so unhappy about this :(

  24. […] wrote the initial post because whilst not wanting to ignore the contentious issues surrounding the brand, I want to keep […]

  25. Liz says:

    I too am sitting here wondering how the heck space.NK missed all of the drama and shadyness surrounding this company. Surely the people in charge of purchasing/scouting know how to use google??

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