Help me wear this beautiful Estee Lauder palette!

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 12 - 2010

No, not literally… get your hands off!

I’ve never claimed to be a makeup artist nor hold any aspirations to cultivating a talent in this field.  I simply don’t have it in me.  Whether it’s cosmetics or clothes… I often struggle to merge individual pieces into a successful ensemble.  Or at least, one that does anything justice.

I’ve been handswatching and ‘playing’ with this beautiful Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia palette that was in my goodie bag of pieces from the upcoming Tom Pecheux Autumn collection (releasing in August).  It’s a daring choice of shades for a palette… it’s strong and needs to be worn with confidence.  I can do that, but I’d love a little bit of peer guidance to point me in the right direction.

So, the palette consists of 5 shades:

~ Matte Black
~ Shimmering Navy
~ Shimmering Teal
~ Metallic Grey/Taupe
~ Sheer White with Teal Sparkles (best for layering to add irridescence)

How would you put together a look with this palette?  Would you use all the shades at once? or just a few at a time.  I think I’m struggling with incorporating those two strong blues in one look.  Can it be done?  How would you attempt it?

18 Responses to “Help me wear this beautiful Estee Lauder palette!”

  1. Lewelya says:

    I am really into colourful looks and i would love this palette:-D

    I would combine the colors like this:
    1) Lid: Teal, Crease: Navy, maybe black to darken the outer-v
    2) Lid: Taupe, Crease: Teal or Navy
    3)Lid: Teal, Crease: Taupe

    or 4) any color on the lid and black to smoke it out:-)

    I would wear black liner on the waterline with those looks:)

    I would love to see you do some looks with this palette:-)

  2. Anca says:

    Such a pretty palette, it looks gorgeous!
    And hell ye I would use all of them at once 😀
    – Metallic grey all over lid
    – matte black in the crease
    – bottom lid of the eye, navy & teal together. Starting with teal from the inner corner and halfway continuing with the navy.
    – shimmery white for highlight

    have fun :) please let us know what you come up with


  3. lucie says:

    I don’t have “it” in me either so I can’t help, but damn that’s a gorgeous palette! That Taupe colour is gorgeous. Have fun playing with it! x

  4. akisa says:

    I always like palettes that carry no less than 4-5 colours as you need them all for a truly multi-dimensional effect!

    I’ll list the shades in the order you should apply them.

    1. Teal – inner half of lid.
    2. Grey/Taupe – outer half lid
    3. Matte black – line upper lash line
    4. Shimmery Navy- line bottom lash line 3 quarters
    5. Sheer white – line inner corner of bottom lash line (half way)
    6. Sheer White – can also be layered on the middle of your lid (on top of the teal & taupe) for extra dimension
    7. Sheer white – tear duct area & inner eyes

    I don’t even have this palette, haha.. but I have the Dior 5-shadow quads & I usually find tehre’s a place for all shades.


  5. I probably wouldn’t wear them all at once, I’d do the teal on the lid, navy in the crease and lower lashline, the matte black to deepen the outer corner, and the light iridescent colour for a brow and inner corner highlight.

    You could also do the taupey colour on the lid and in the crease, with a tiny bit of the matte black to deepen the outer corner. Then do the teal on most of the lower lashline, with a teensy bit of the navy blue on the outer corner of the lower lashline. Then the light iridescent colour for a brow and inner corner highlight again :)

  6. And you could also do the teal on the lid with the taupe in the crease, maybe with the itsy bitsy teensiest bit of the black to deepen it. I like doing a blue on the lid with a bronze in the crease, so this could be a slightly different interpretation of that :) and again, the light colour for an inner corner and brow highlight.

    You could choose whether you want to do the taupe or the teal on the lower lashline – maybe even the navy!

  7. (I really should have just put these in one comment, huh? :P)

    Another idea: taupe colour on the lid, and back in the crease with the iridescent colour layered over the top. Taupe on the lower lashline with some black at the outer corner if you want, or the teal on the lower lashline to tie in with that teal-y layering colour.

  8. Oh and if the sheer colour looks decent layered over a dark colour, you could do the black on the lid with that layered over the top, then the navy in the lower crease, with the teal on the upper crease to blend it out. Did that make sense? Basically it’d ba gradient fade from the black/teal combo, to the navy, to the teal

  9. Lorraine says:

    My first attempt would be:

    Taupe along the lower lashline
    Teal inner corner, blended to the dark navy in the rest of the eyelid
    Darker shade in the c- crease
    White as a highlight in the inner lower lashline, as well as in the inner eyelid.

    Don’t know what it would look like, but if you feel like trying it please do let me know what you end up with x

  10. julia says:

    I think I could help you more with an image ^v^ than with a description on how to do it

  11. Anitacska says:

    I think you should definitely listen to Silhouette Screams, she has brilliant ideas, I would have suggested some of those myself. I think it would be very difficult to use all shades at once as it’s a dark palette, but the blues together with the black (either in crease or as eyeliner) and the lightest shade to highlight, or the taupe with the darker shades together would look great too. Let us know what you come up with. :)

  12. liloo says:

    Dear me: and the point of that shimmery white being? Oops sorry. Could not help myself. I would use mainly 2 colours from this palette: the 2 blues which are gorgeous and I would do a smokey look

    Look 1
    – Primer, then Nyx Jumbo Pencil in milk
    – Shimmery Navy all over the lid as a block colour, and going a little bit past the crease, and then blending it with your favourite matte highlighter of your choice, all the way from the past the crease to the eyebrow
    Leave some tiny little space for that highlighter of your choice in the inner corner of the eye
    – Shimmery Teal on the lower lashline, with whatever colour you feel comfortable on the lower waterline (I don’t personally like black waterline on myself but i love it on people.

    Look 2
    – Primer, then Black Base just on the main lid, not going over past the crease, blendy blend
    – Shimmery teal on top of the black base and going past the crease, as high as your feel comfortable
    – Blend the mess with your favourite matte highlighter
    – Lower lashline: the taupe thing. Although I personally would want to see something warmer there, a more coppery golden colour.

    I love this post and I can’t wait to see who ‘wins’ lol xx

  13. Hmm and if you had to wear them all at once, I’d go for the taupe on the lid and crease, black to deepen the outer corner (but I’d keep the crease quite low), the lighter colour on the browbone and inner corner, the teal on the lower lashline and navy blue just at the outer corner of the lower lashline :)

  14. Rae says:

    AARGHHHhh this is gorgeous! (That was my “craving makeup roar.” On occasion, it’ll scare small children and sales associates, which is unfortunate but necessary.)

    I’m going to skip the whole “useful comment” thing and stop talking now 😛 There are already a ton of lovely tips for how to wear this; I’m sure you don’t need me!

  15. Ciambella says:

    I am so no good with looks. I just want that taupe. 😛

  16. Sylvie says:

    I don’t know what exactly I’d do, but I’d definitely smudge the teal and the black on my lower lashline, and the black on the top lashline too. Maybe with the taupey colour on the lid, and then in the crease with the navy. But that white is a bit pointless.
    Have fun, I can safely say I am highly jealous xx

  17. muamontreal says:

    taupe color all over the lid , dark black in the outer V, teal color lower lash line…stunning colors ! I can’t see a good highlighter ther so probably shroom by Mac for the area under the brow !

    Caro xxx

  18. Orly says:

    Mix the darker blue with the toupe-y color and appy into the crease first. Then use the teal in the lid. Blend the taupe above the color mixture first mentioned. Mixing the toupey color and the dark blue again, appy to the farther half of the lower lashline. Appy a matte cream color like Mac’s Vanilla e/s in the inner tear duct and browbone. Appy the sheer white color ontop of the Vanilla with a fluffy blending brush. Hope I could help! Ever since I was 11 I wanted to be a makeup artist, and when I was 19 I left for the Netherlands to attend B Academy, a makeup school. Just wanted to say that


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