Red Lip Series: Burberry Lip Velvet in #310 Military Red

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 9 - 2012

Oh, my lovely fellow beauty addicts… oh, I think you’re going to like this lipstick.  It’s my first “non-wimpy” red of the season and I won’t lie to you, I felt like it wore me FAR better than I could wear it.  This baby needs taming ‘cos she’s wild and a little bit scary – even for someone like me who is finally fairly confident with braving a bold lip in public.

But first let me tell you about her, she’s a new girl and needs an introduction…

To complement their current lipstick range of Lip Mists and Lip Covers, Burberry Beauty have launched a range of Lip Velvets.  Matte in look but not in texture is the best way I can describe the new formula – admittedly, I have only tried one but if the range is as consistent as it ought to be, you should experience a deeply pigmented finish with minimal gloss and a completely NON-drying formula.

NON-drying?  Yes, completely.

Now, my lips are in good condition – I have no flakes, no peels… I don’t need to exfoliate them in the shower with my flannel and I don’t need to reapply lip balm 100x a day to keep them comfortable (thanks Lanolips).  I pretty much have the most ideal lip condition for someone who wants to wear a matte lip.  Stop throwing things at me.

I’m not saying this to be conceited, I’m giving you a benchmark that says, just because my lips are super comfortable with this formula, it doesn’t mean yours will be.  And I’m sorry I have to provide that caveat in this instance, because frankly, I’d like to sing the praises of the new Burberry Lip Velvets from the rooftops with absolutely no caveat whatsoever… but it would be remiss of me not to mention that I have wonderwoman lips right now.

The shade I have here is #310, Military Red.  And it is BOLD.  To my eye, there is the tiniest amount of warmth to it that doesn’t register enough to label this an orange-toned red but is enough to give it leanings toward the warm side of neutral.  The packaging is the same magnetic affair as the rest of the Burberry lipstick range but with a marked difference, matte casing = no more fingerprints ha!  Still sleek, still sexy… just a little more practical with it.

The other thing you need to know about the colour of this one is that it’s bright.  Very bright.  In the lip swatches below, I have applied this straight from the bullet with no lipliner but you do need to take care to be precise because any major wobbles will be instantly noticeable on a shade this vivid.  While the bullet is still in pristine condition, I had no problems with achieving sharp lines – I dream to be able to wear a “mussed-up” red, beautifully deconstructed and carefree.  Alas, whenever I smudge the edges to soften the look in an attempt to make it less formal, I look like I’ve been punched in the mouth, repeatedly.

Although Military Red is indeed, a matte finish lipstick – there’s (hopefully) no sign of old lady lips going on, because frankly, at 31 – I should be starting to think about more forgiving textures – but I’ll cross that bridge when people start pointing.

The formula has really impressed me, longevity was completely within what I’d expect from a high-end brand and a matte formula.  The lipstick wore down evenly throughout the day, only giving up to a darker edge after my evening meal but a few lip smacks infront of a mirror pulled enough colour back in to the centre to dismiss this as an issue.  I didn’t reapply once throughout the day and I didn’t feel that I needed to.  Of course, after 12 hours there was nowhere the same kind of vividness on display but a firm stain ensured that my lips didn’t pale into insignificance despite the late hour.

Burberry Beauty’s Lip Velvets are priced at £23 a-piece and available on counter and online at Harrods in a range of 12 shades.  Bright Poppy is on my Winter hit-list the next time I get a chance to make it into London!

Would you wear a shade this bright?

* press sample

32 Responses to “Red Lip Series: Burberry Lip Velvet in #310 Military Red”

  1. KWEB says:

    Can I ask what foundation you are wearing in these pictures? Your skin looks amazing, how I would like MY skin to look (but sadly, is nothing near it!)Thanks :)

    • Thanks :) It’s the new La Roche Posay BB Cream with a little bit of mineral foundation buffed ontop. I don’t usually do the mineral foundation bit nowadays (always used to!) because I’m worried of emphasising any dry bits but I’d had a good exfoliation the night before. I’ll be reviewing the BB Cream probably next week.

  2. Paris B says:

    First Xiao and now you! It looks like I’d have to check this one out pronto! Looks absolutely lovely on you BTW

  3. Emma says:

    This shade looks stunning on you, it suits you so well! You looks very pin-up girl in the pics!xx

  4. sophie says:

    Ooh, you look gorgeous in this! I think I might have to invest in this, I’m still searching for my HG red lipstick.

    • I reckon I should have classed this one as a neutral red, thinking it might be my uber pink skin making it a little warm in stark contrast. Every girl needs an HG red lipstick (or 10)

  5. Sophie says:

    Ahh man! I love this shade. I got it a the weekend and wore it all day on Sunday, I think it is my new favourite red. You look stunning in it :)

  6. NeenaJ says:

    Beee-yooo-teee-ful! I just picked up Russian Red from MAC a few weeks ago and while I love the color, the formula is hard on my lips. Maybe I’ll give the Burberry a go!

    • Do you know, that’s the single solitary reason I don’t own Ruby Woo. I feel sick when I think about not having ever tried it but I know that I just don’t feel that great in their matte formula. It’s ok for nights out but I don’t go out at night hahaha! I’ve found the most moisturising reds are the YSLs but you have to be careful of too much slip (never good with such a bright colour). The Lauder ones are really nicely balanced actually, but I just don’t get hugely excited about them, don’t know why? This is the first bright Burberry I’ve ever worn… I have a couple of nude shades, but they’re the lip covers and they’re nice.

      Armani do some really lovely reds too actually…

  7. Janie says:

    Holy Moly Mrs!

    You look fabulous.

    Love love that red.

    Eyebrows are looking ever the more fabulous in every pic I see… How are you growing them, without them looking shabby.

    I DEMAND an eyebrow post!

    • Oooh I am glad you said that Janie, I just had my eyebrows threaded for the first time since before we moved… so… June maybe? There’s a FOTD scheduled for Thursday which will show you how bushy they were before I went and got them reshaped – they literally have no shape at all and they’re lonnggggg! I’d just been plucking any mega strays over the summer.

      When I get them threaded I never ask for ANYTHING, (mostly because I’m too shy) I just trust the threader to shape them. Actually the only thing I do ask, is that they trim them. My new lady was reluctant actually but if they don’t trim them for me, they just CURL down. I think I’d started to get them threaded too often earlier in the year because I’m sure they were going thinner again, glad I’ve given them a reprieve. Thanks love x

  8. Claudia says:

    Dear Charlotte: I deeply love your Red Lip Series and this color is absolutely beautiful. You look like a movie star… A big hug, Claudia

    • You’re too kind Claudia (no, really!) but isn’t a red lipstick flippin’ awesome for adding a touch of glamour? I wish I could pull it off without a full face of makeup though – I wonder if it’s a confidence thing or a genuine just “doesn’t look as good” thing!

  9. Kate says:

    I always love a red on you but this one is KAPOW! Every single subtly retro but still clean element in your makeup, hair and outfit just came together in some unholy swoon-inducing way with this <3

  10. koshka says:

    Love the lipstick on you and love your long curled eyelashes!

  11. Helen Gray says:

    This needs to be added to my red lippie collection, I think I have every finish but a good matt one. Look fab in it! xx

  12. liloo says:

    the answer is no: i couldn’t wear such a bright lipstick but it is stunning nonetheless and you wear it like a queen. wow! x
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  13. mary says:

    Stunning shade on you, it lights up your face and matches your skin tone perfectly. Love the Burberry cosmetic line and can’t wait for the stampede when they release a palette…

  14. […] has reviewed Miliary Red here. /* Share […]

  15. vanessa says:

    this looks so good on you! amazing packaging and love all the little details on the actual lipstick


  16. Mads says:

    I have only recently embraced colour and got myself MACs Roby Woo but think this Burberry might be next on my list.

  17. absolutely love the lip velvets by burberry! the price is steep but i’ve never found a more workable matte lippie than these!!

  18. Sheenie says:

    Love it, Char? You look foxy too! Xxx

  19. Sheenie says:

    Urgh! I didn’t mean to put a question mark! Typing on the iPad whilst lying down and I’ve got flu!

  20. J. says:

    I can’t believe I never even knew Burberry makes lipsticks! I really want to try this now!
    And might I say it looks awesome on you!

  21. Oh wow, I love this type of red. Although I always can’t get it right whenever I put a red lipstick on. It’s more like I just marvel at it rather than put it on! I really love the matte finish on this one. :-) ^^

  22. Jess says:

    Non-drying!? I need this. I really struggle to find bright, matte shades that don’t put me in serious face pain after a few hours wear. I’d imagine my lips aren’t in quite as good condition as yours but this looks like a winner to me.

  23. Sissinka says:

    The lipstick is gorgeous, this shade suits you so much! Really beautiful colour.

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