I had a little shop-my-stash session and pulled out some things that haven’t seen as much love recently as they should, namely my Face Atelier foundation which is a touch too silicone-heavy for my skin when it’s at its driest in the Winter.  My skin is back in a good place at the moment and I couldn’t wait to see if I still loved it as much as I did last Summer when I bought it.  The answer is a resounding YES!  I’ll do a proper review with before/after shots later in the week, kick me if I don’t ‘cos it makes a great spring/summer foundation for those who aren’t ready to give up ‘propah’ coverage just yet.

My NARS Lhasa got some extra love with a sparkly pairing courtesy of Avon’s Glimmerstick Diamonds Eye Liner in Sugar Plum – it’s a nice way to supercharge a much-loved taupe with a bit of additional colour.  My beautiful Maison Lancome blush* is still pleasing me muchly, especially if I give the brush a good swirl in the darker shades first before building up a little more luminosity courtesy of the pale pink.

Hmm, what else…

Ahh, a Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ryo Pinko!  I wasn’t sure if this would still be usable… it’s been a while!  However, it smells and tastes perfectly fine, it’s not quite ready for the cosmetics graveyard just yet!  I love the colour and the metallic finish is a little bit retro (in a good way!).  It inspired me to give today’s FOTD a silly little name though, so it’s all good.

Finally, I layered up two mascaras that I’ve recently been sent and got some epic lashes as a result, I’ll blog them as part of my mascara series shortly.  The Clinique Lash Power Mascara* has a small brush that works well at getting product right into the roots of the lashes before a coat of Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara* ontop sends them skyward.

What’s on your fizzog today and when was the last time you shopped your stash for some forgotten treasures?

* press sample

34 Responses to “FOTD Frozen Lilac with Clinique, Lancome, NARS, Face Atelier, Fyrinnae and AVON!”

  1. Katy says:

    Wow, you look amazing, seriously your skin looks flawless. I’m having major skin issues due to medication. It’s combination with extremely dry flaky patches. Any ideas on a foundation I could try please?

    • The most moisturising foundations I’ve come across in three years of beauty blogging are: Mii Cosmetics Illuminating Face Base, Clinique Supermoisture Makeup, Cosmetics A La Carte Skin Tint, GOSH Natural Touch Foundation.

      Try changing your day moisturiser. I always use Oilatum Natural Repair (and a good dose of it) underneath my foundation when my skin is playing up. You may find something like Bourjois Healthy Mix will be kind to you if you can start off with a really well moisturised base.

      Hope that helps a little Katy x

      • Lucy says:

        I second the recommendation for Healthy Mix; I combined this with Mememe Seventh Heaven base over winter when my skin was dry, sore and breaking out (joy).

        Dabbing Vitamin E oil onto the driest patches really helped too, superdrug do a little bottle (from their Vitamin E sknicare range) for about £2-£2.50.

        Feel better soon x

  2. Paris B says:

    Ooh I love how this looks on you Charlotte, and you look especially lovely! Not to say you don’t look lovely the other times of course 😛 You just reminded me of the Lancome blush thing. I’m going to have to dig it out and have a play.

  3. Leanne says:

    You are so gorgeous it infuriates me. You massive bitch. You massive I-wish-I-could-hate-you-for-it-but-I-love-you-too-much bitch.

  4. sharnek says:

    Lovely FOTD. Especially the eyes. I’m not a big taupe fan, but the liner adds something to it. Your skin is looking lovely.

    Last night I pulled out a Clinique shadow pallet that hasn’t seen any action in a while. Sadly I didn’t have time to use it this morning. Lancome teint idole in 02, which is a tad too dark for me in the winter months, but an ideal shade right now. I’m trying out Eyeko Skinny mascara (which I bought from qvc, who have a returns policy) I won’t be returning. It’s a little wet for me right now, but can see it rivalling Benefits They’re Real when it dries out a little more. Black liner no shadow. I’m giving Nars Niagra a spin out today and MAC Peaches blush.

    • Oh I’m interested in the Eyeko mascara but still bristling at the massive departure from the brand they used to be, they seem to be doing well on it though so hopefully the products are speaking for themselves! NARS Niagara looks like a lovely Spring/Summer shade, I need to pull my NARS lipsticks out a little more often, Flaming Dust is one of my favourites that should see some more love.

  5. koshka says:

    All colours that you’ve used work beautifully together and on you. You look very pretty and radiant.

    I have found an ideal spring green eyeshadow in my stash. It’s MAC’s Warm Chill, a limited edition from a few years ago. It is light cool green with golden shimmer. I combine it with a darker matt green in crease and a touch of light iridescent pink slightly above the crease. Warm Chill is quite sheer and I have to pack it well on my eyelids, but the result is well worth the effort!

  6. EmmyJean says:

    You’re eyes are breath taking! I’ve heard before that plum liners will bring out green eyes, and this is proof. The contrast is so lovely! I’m so wearing purple eyeliner tomorrow!

    • Yeah, I mostly read about purples being great for brown eyes and oranges/golds being good for green eyes but I love purples/plums on me! I think… (could totally be wrong here) that purple seems to pull out the hazel flecks more and create a brighter contrast? I’ve probably just made that up.

      • Nargis says:

        Purples and plums suit you! I love wearing greens and purples, although you did make me more inclined to try taupe- grey and beige and brown were never my forte, but you make them look so awesomely elegant

  7. Helen says:

    Stunning FOTD, really pretty and suits you very well.


  8. Ana N. says:

    U look stunning!

  9. Tass says:

    This look really brings out your eyes. Beautiful! xx

  10. Sydney Kav says:

    Wow, you are looking just lovely in your FOTD.

    I love any and all clinique mascaras (bar the tiny bottom lash one)
    And I am glad to see you are rather fond also!


  11. Lily says:

    *What Leanne said* Also, I’m loving your hair colour!

  12. gio says:

    You look beautiful! Love the lip color.

  13. LOdoesmakeup says:

    You are so pretty ! Violet suits you so well !
    Love from France

  14. Jules says:

    Please tell me you edited the hell out of that one so I don’t feel so down about my own skin! If not, I suppose I ought to cough up some cash for that foundation, because you look splendid.

    I’m wearing several yellows on my eyes today, all from Shiro Cosmetics, some Revlon foundation and a little L’Oreal gloss. My hair has been getting the comments today; I put it up in a Gibson tuck: http://saralynnpaige.com/style/simple-gibson-tuck/ and even with me dressed down to do errands it’s been getting raves!

    • Ahh love, it’s the great big window and overcast skies acting like a GIANT diffuser and softening all them fine lines! I am blemish free for once though (if still a little dry down the sides of my nose).

      I’ve done a before/after comparison for a proper foundation review so hold off incase I unearth something about the Atelier that wouldn’t suit – it is a lovely foundation for normal skin types though.

      That Gibson tuck is ridiculously cool, I’m gonna try that tomorrow – thanks for sharing x

      • Jules says:

        It’s my go-to hairstyle these days – great as-is or with a hair flower for a little extra touch, plus it’s busy-parent (or auntie, in my case) friendly! And your hair looks all wavy and lovely once you take it down.

  15. teenee says:

    oh you look soooo pretty charlotte! the purple eyeliner looks fantastic on you! :)

  16. […] promised you a full review of the Face Atelier foundation after last week’s FOTD and my recent re-discovering of it.  Face Atelier Liquid Foundation offers medium/high coverage […]

  17. Vixen says:

    Your FOTDs are gorgeous! We seem to be skintwins. If you had dark brown eyes it would be perfection:). I haven`t found a blog like that..? *hugs*

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