Why I’m gonna need Rehab if LUSH ever discontinue this shampoo…

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 14 - 2014

I don’t get excited about hair products.  They’re not my forte, my cup of tea… they‘re just not my bag (baby).  I view them in the same way that I do many bathroomy-type toiletries, something to be chucked in the trolley while doing my weekly shop.  The truth is, you’ll rarely find me scouring online beauty emporiums for styling products and high-end shampoos.  I’d rather spend my money on lipstick.

Which is why LUSH have surprised me with this bottle of shampoo.

LUSH Rehab Shampoo_01

LUSH Rehab shampoo describes itself as a “restorative and repairing” shampoo with extracts of pineapple, papaya, and olive oil to moisturise and “take your hair back to its healthiest, glossiest state”.  You wouldn’t know any of this without reading up on it because frankly, it doesn’t feel or smell like a traditional “SOS-type” shampoo.

My hair is dry but not brittle and to be fair, is in better condition since swapping my permanent hair colours for semi-permanent almost a year ago… but still, it could never be described as soft or silky.  Introduce my hair to a hairdryer and I’m finished within three-minutes, whereas on the rare occasion that I style Leila’s… I get killer arm ache long before her hair shows any signs of drying.

I also suffer from an itchy scalp.  It comes and it goes, focusing upon the change of seasons but it lurks nonetheless, waiting to flare up in great crusts of scalp-soreness.

LUSH Rehab Shampoo_02

I’ve been using the LUSH Rehab Shampoo for around two months now, washing my hair every other day and I’ve been impressed with the noticeable improvement in both scalp-sensitivity and the general condition of my hair which feels more balanced: less oily at the roots and more nourished at the ends.  The improvement has creeped up on me, I wouldn’t say that it was an overnight miracle but more a realisation that my hair and scalp simply hasn’t been this good for a long time.

My only caveat against this glowing review are those pesky pregnancy hormones that may well be skewing the results, but in all honesty, my skin is a hot mess at the moment, so I’d imagine my scalp to react in the same way.

The strong lavender-scent may be off-putting to some… it’s certainly not my favourite and wasn’t what I was expecting.  It can be a little too bracing in the mornings but I’ll happily take the aroma hit while it’s still working its magic on my locks.  The shampoo lathers really well with only a very small amount (the texture is thin and runny) so although it’s marked up at a price-point I can only just about stomach, I appreciate that a 250g bottle will actually last me a minimum of three-months before it needs replacing (I’ve got at least 1/3 left in the above bottle after two-months use).

LUSH Rehab Shampoo is priced from £5.25 for 100g and is available to buy in store and online at lush.co.uk

My French Pharmacy/Supermarket Haul (skincare and more!)

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 2 - 2013

I spent every Summer in France as a teenager, so it was lovely to be able to rediscover some of my old haunts, particularly down the aisles of the nearest Super U.  My first stop wasn’t for skincare, but haircare.  My obsession with Dop shampoos has been a long-lasting inexpensive love affair which my poor Mother has to tend to every-time she returns to France in the Summer with a shopping list longer than her own!

French Buys_01

This time around I decided to treat my dry hair to some of their more moisturising shampoos in the shape of their Argan-oil and Shea Butter-enriched formulas.  Ignore the 2-in-1 labels, I never actually use these without a separate conditioner.  The bottle on the left is their original formula, I find that all of these shampoos are less stripping than many of their UK counterparts, plus the 400ml bottles last forever!  I paid around £1.40 per bottle.

French Buys_02

For conditioning, I picked up two Le Petit Marseillais products, one enriched with Shea and Argan, and one with Shea and Honey.  Both have been made for dry, frizzy hair-types and cost around £2 / £3.50 respectively.  All of the above I bought at Super U, our local French supermarket.

French Buys_03

Next, I moved on to the pharmacies.  Outside of Paris, there’s less choice in the brands available and they tend to vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.  Our local supermarket has it’s own rather wonderful para-pharmacy attached so I didn’t have to venture too far but I still couldn’t get my hands on any Embryolisse (I wasn’t surprised, I’ve never been able to in the past outside of major cities), or more disappointingly, Avibon – of which I was told they are currently experiencing a nationwide shortage!

I did, however, manage to pick up a tube of Homeplasmine which Mr. L uses on his lips when they’re cracked.  It’s a great alternative for anyone who dislikes the feeling of balms as it doesn’t feel remotely claggy or heavy with more of a matte texture.  It’s also great for sore, post-sniffles noses, and cuts and bruises and is priced at around £3.75 for a small tube.  My final pharmaceutical purchase was for Leila and is something I always get Mum to pick up for me in lieu of Calpol!  Doliprane is France’s generic kid’s paracetamol and dosage is measured by the child’s weight rather than their age, making it far more effective (in my opinion) at bringing down fevers.  It costs around £2 a bottle.

French Buys_04

I bullied myself into trying some new skincare products, desperate though I was to stock up on the old faithfuls.  I’m quite proud of myself that I didn’t come back with more than this!  My skin is still pretty dry and the change of water/travelling has made it quite finickity.  You may notice a bit of a Zinc theme running through my choices, blame my Dad… he’s a bit of a skincare tart (thanks to his eczema not vanity!) and led me in the direction of these tantalising treats.  What a great Dad I have!

I opted for a full set of skincare from makeup removal to cleansing, toning and moisturising.  I’m currently undergoing another round of IPL for facial hair removal, so tailoring my choices for irritated skin seemed like a good idea.

I went for: Uriage Anti Irritation Cleansing Gel (approx. £7.50), Bioderma Atoderm PO Zinc Ultra Soothing Creme (just under £10.00), a supermarket cheapie micellaire for eye-makeup removal in the shape of Mixa Eau Nettoyante Apaisante (£3.00), and La Roche Posay’s Serozinc which I’m hoping will provide additional cooling/calming after my lasering (£5.00).

French Buys_05

As if I could forget the chocolate (or the wine, but that’s a whole other post!)

The French seem to have a greater appreciation for salty caramel chocolate than we do in the UK.  Crunchy, smooth, chewy, silky… all textures are catered for… I reined myself in a little but could have returned with far more than what you see above!

What do you think of my buys?  Anything you’d like to try for yourself?

LUSH Blousey Shampoo leaves me feeling shirty…

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 29 - 2012

I don’t have the easiest scalp in the world to please. It’s dry, much like my hair and this time of year is when it’s at its worst.  When the central-heating kicks in and the temperature drops a few degrees further, I know that I’m gonna be scratching like a hooker on pay day.  You know I’m still talking about my scalp…. right?  Just so we’re clear.

LUSH have recently released some new products into their haircare range and one of them is this interesting pot o’ banana-scented goop, going by the name of Blousey.  It’s aimed at people with coloured hair, those with locks that are susceptible to damage, dryness, and fading from frequent exposure to the chemicals found in hair colouring products.  That would describe the needs of my hair pretty well and I was keen to see if it would improve the general condition of my hair whilst preventing the dreaded colour-fade.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

I don’t like any products destined for the shower to be housed in pots, I find the packaging an irritation.  Locating the driest spot in the shower, twisting open the lid and scooping out the correct amount of product?  Fine, but then… you’ve got product in one hand, the pot in the other, the lid clamped between your chin and neck – how the hell do you get the lid back on?!  All of this while you’ve got Niagara falls thundering on your back and you’re trying to stop about 7 litres of water per second from contaminating your product.  Just put in a damn bottle already.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

The shampoo itself is a joy to use.  It’s rich and creamy, both feeling and smelling far more luxurious than your standard supermarket-fare brand of shampoo.  I wasn’t sure whether to put it in my hair or head to the kitchen to make banana bread with it, it’s that authentic in terms of banana-iness.  Delightful, if you like bananas.

LUSH Blousey shampoo didn’t leave my hair feeling as dry as some of the other shampoos I’ve tried from LUSH in the past and I feel that it made my colour quite vibrant post-washing, but it didn’t deliver the level of moisture that I was expecting, considering that this is, after all, its selling point.

Added to which, my scalp got pretty itchy within a fortnight of using it – not that I’m blaming the product for the itch at all, as I’ve said – I’m really prone at this time of year… but for such a supposedly deeply-moisturising product, I was hoping that it might offer a little relief whilst making my hair resemble spun silk and Blousey doesn’t do either.  It’s back to the ketoconazole for me for a week to bring it under control, which is a shame – because that stuff completely slays any colour I have on my hair.

LUSH Blousey Shampoo

Ultimately, if you like your bananas and a super-creamy hair-washing experience, LUSH Blousey has your name written all over it but if your needs for a deeply-moisturising product run less superficially, you might need to look elsewhere, for both your hair and your scalp’s sake.  Particularly when you take into consideration, the price.

LUSH Blousey is available to buy online at lush.co.uk and instore, priced at £18 for 240g

Do you feel the itch from additional dryness this time of year?

* press sample

When Lipglossiping met Pantene’s ambassador Cat Deeley!

Posted by Lipglossiping On December - 9 - 2010

Last week, I was invited to the Savoy hotel in London to meet Pantene ambassador Cat Deeley and to learn a little more about the new Pantene range for coloured hair.

Before heading up to London, I was asked if I had any questions I wanted to put to Cat.  Without hesitation I wanted to ask who her ‘Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be….” would be?  Then I remembered that I write a beauty blog, not a StarsInYourEyes fan blog.  So more on what I actually did ask her later…

I’ve talked before about the new Pantene Colour Protect range and you can read this post for further details on the products that are currently available in the UK… but tonight, we focused on meeting the brand’s ambassador and seeing the differences between virgin hair (uncoloured), coloured hair and coloured hair once treated with the new Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate (not released yet).

The results were surprisingly tangible.  We watched a demonstration of hair porosity…. and as someone who has (many times) in the past coloured her hair without giving any thought as to what long term affects this might have, perhaps a little sobering aswell.

The hair in the bowl on the left is virgin (uncoloured) hair, whilst the bowl nearest to the camera contains a sample of coloured hair.  Can you see how the virgin hair retains it’s waterproofing abilities that allows it to float whilst the coloured hair has literally swelled with the water and is no longer resting on the surface?

Well who cares right?  Well, me… because hair porosity is important to how hair looks and feels.  Frequent colouring can encourage the hair cuticle layers to stay raised… allowing more moisture in and ultimately letting more out, which leaves your hair feeling dry, brittle and pretty rubbish.  The rougher the cuticle, the less shiny your hair will appear and if you want silky, smooth locks?  Forget it.  You’re only getting those with a nice smooth hair cuticle.

The new Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate creates an artificial protective layer over our hair’s natural cuticle that mimics how our hair should be if we didn’t mistreat it.  I felt the difference between untreated and treated coloured hair and one was considerably smoother in texture.  The other good thing about the Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate is that you only need to use this about once a week as it’s effects will last a few washes before you need to reapply.

I haven’t tried this on my own hair as it’s not released until next month but I’m all for quick fixes and this seems like it could be just the ticket.  If it’s good enough for Cat Deeley (who happened to let slip that from the entire range, it was the Colour Seal Concentrate that was her favourite – shh), it’s good enough for me.

Once Cat had said her hellos and kicked off her beautiful (but killer) Louboutins, she got straight to answering some questions that we’d posed.  Here’s a few highlights from the Q&A:

Cat Deeley Answers our Questions!

~ She ALWAYS removes her makeup before going to sleep… without fail.  No surrender and all that.

~ She prefers to own products that multi-task rather than owning a full range (she wouldn’t like my bathroom then!)

~ She’s dyed her hair many times in the past and both brown and red hair looked terrible on her.  She also said that short hair didn’t suit either.

~ Her top tip for staying healthy is drinking plenty of water.  Cat says that a reduced water intake has so many effects on her health, skin and body – so it’s something that she’s become quite conscious of improving.

~ She believes that it’s easier to keep healthy in L.A. than it is here in the U.K.  Whenever she’s in the U.K. (especially this time of year!) she wants to chow down on stodgy, comforting food.  No salads please!

Finally, Cat answered my question “Who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?”

Her eyes twinkled as she took in the words, and she grinned… aware that she could potentially offend half the room in one fell swoop!  Her answer was clear though… “Blondes!”  Cat followed up by explaining that you can only have fun when you feel comfortable in your own skin (or hair colour!) and that for her, that was her tried and tested honey blonde.  Nice save!

I spent a few minutes appreciating the newly refurbished Royal Suite at the Savoy… check out the view from pretty much every room.

I wouldn’t grumble about having to clean those windows.  Well… actually, I probably still would.

After this, I headed straight for hair stylist, James McMahon to pump him for extra tips on the perfect blow dry that we’re all so desperate to recreate.  James was straight to the point, reiterating how hard it was to achieve by yourself simply because the angles are all wrong!  I was happy to let him demonstrate on me what a perfect blow dry should look like.  I know, I’m too good to you… SELF-LESS.

Look at me, taking one for the team… I hope you’re grateful.

So, with my blow-dry questions exhausted, James talked a little about coloured hair.  I asked him if he felt it was really necessary to use specialist shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair?  He told me that nothing damages your hair more than the thing that you do ‘most’ to it.  In the majority of cases… that would be washing our hair and that if our hair is already fragile from over-processing then we should ensure that we’re using a shampoo and conditioner designed to care for our coloured hair.

I then asked James if you could pick and choose from a set range.  I explained that my scalp is ridiculously sensitive and that I generally prefer to stick to tried and tested shampoos that I know won’t aggravate my picky scalp.  He said that there would be nothing wrong with just choosing to use the treatments from a range or intensive conditioners if you didn’t want to change over your entire haircare regime.

With those wise words ringing in my ears, I’m swapping out my usual conditioner for Pantene’s 2 Minute Damage Rescue Treatment and after feeling the difference between the hair samples demonstrated earlier in the evening… I’m impatient for the Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate to become available too!

I’mma gonna get those bloody hair cuticles flat if it kills me!  I want Cat hair!  That’s it.  The gloves are off… only I’m fighting in the brunette corner.

‘Cos brunettes have more fun.  Innit! ;)

New! Pantene Colour Protect Range

Posted by Lipglossiping On November - 7 - 2010

Pantene are introducing a new range to the UK market next week called Pantene Colour Protect.  It will come in two variants:  Pantene Colour Protect & Smooth and Pantene Colour Protect & Volume.

Designed to protect coloured hair from premature fading, it claims to achieve this by reducing hair porosity which over time can facilitate faster colour fade.  Coloured hair (by it’s very nature) is particularly vulnerable to damage from environmental factors and anyone who colours their hair should be looking to provide it with some extra protection from the rigours of styling.

Pantene Colour Protect & Smooth (priced from £2.19) is designed for coloured hair that is prone to frizzing… great for thicker hair types that want to protect their colour without compromising on the ability to perfect a sleek style.

Pantene Colour Protect & Volume (priced from £2.19) is designed for coloured hair that lacks volume.  That would be me (although, show me a rain cloud and I can frizz up with the best of them too!), ideal for finer hair that needs a lightweight formulation that will rinse quickly and cleanly.

The shampoo ingredients can be seen below (I know you savvy lot love to see a list!):

And the conditioner:

Alongside the shampoo/conditioners, Pantene will also be introducing 3 treatment products to the range:

~ Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Colour Seal Concentrate (£3.99/58ml)
~ Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect 2 Minute Damage Rescue Treatment (£3.99/200ml)
~ Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Instant Nourishing Shine Spray (£3.99/150ml)

I’m most interested by the Colour Seal Concentrate and Shine Spray… I love the idea of treatments that offer a boost to complement my current routine (which rather unglamourously is designed to protect my flakey scalp more than my colour).  Being able to mix and match in this way is like having the best of both worlds!

If you want the opportunity to get your hands on the new range before anyone else, be sure to follow PanteneUK on Twitter as they’ll be giving away 10 sets of the new range on Tuesday.

Liz Earle offers Botanically Beautiful Hair…

Posted by Lipglossiping On November - 2 - 2010

…and she really, really does.

I rarely get really excited about haircare – it’s happened 3 times so far this year.  First, with Pantene’s new Aqualight which I’d still be using now if my sensitive scalp hadn’t kicked up a fuss about it.  Secondly with my mysterious high street deep conditioner (don’t get too excited, it’s only mysterious ‘cos I haven’t written the review yet) and thirdly, with this fabulous offering from Liz Earle.

If you’re a regular beauty blog reader, I know that you will have read at least 10 other reviews on these products seeing as they’ve done the ‘blog rounds’ in recent months and I wish I could bring something new and exciting to the table.  But really, all I can do is offer up another rave on how lovely these products are.

Whilst I may not be sold on the powers of the original Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (I prefer my Cleansing Oil routines), I have always been impressed with the philosophy behind it of finding a gentle but effective product to suit all skintones.  The same philosophy has been applied to the Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo (only for hairtypes) and for mine?  It works like a dream.

On a completely superficial level, I adore the scent.  I think it’s easy to underestimate just how big an influence scent plays in our bathing products.  In my bathroom, it’s right up there with performance… my haircare needs to smell divine, or I’m just not interested.  This smells… divine.  It’s understated, fruity and most importantly… clean-smelling and non-artificial.  It leaves my locks delicately scented without being overpowering.

The texture of the shampoo is almost slightly gel-like and the quantity shown above is about the amount I use to wash my hair.  Adding just a small amount of water, I lather the mixture up between my hands before applying to the roots of my hair.  Considering this is a SLS/SLES shampoo, I’m impressed with the amount of lather I can achieve.  My hair rinses clean in under a minute and actually feels clean (though not squeaky).  I only need one wash… none of that rinse and repeat stuff.  It cleanses my hair effectively and leaves my scalp happy and calm.

I was also sent the conditioner for dry or damaged hair (one of the three varieties available) and it’s a very thick, almost masque-like opaque cream.  Rich with shea butter and yangu oil (known for it’s inherent uv protection), the conditioner offers a deeply moisturising experience.  I tend to keep this away from my roots and concentrate instead on the ends and main hair shaft.  It lacks the tell-tale silicone slip that if I’m honest… I still miss but does prevent my hair from taking on a straw-like appearance once dry.

The scent of the conditioner is heavier than the shampoo and to my nose, I smell licorice which I’m putting down to the Rose-Scented Geranium essential oil… a scent that has always reminded me more of anise and licorice than roses!  Love it.

Both shampoo and conditioner come in two sizes (50ml and 200ml) and are priced at £4/£7.50 respectively.  Despite a full month’s use… I’ve only used half a bottle of the shampoo and will absolutely be repurchasing.  The conditioner tube is nearly empty and I’m not quite in love with it enough to repurchase.

Liz Earle’s new haircare ranges can be purchased online.  I’m not sure if they’re available from John Lewis, which would be my preferred source (I know the candles/bath oils aren’t) – I’ll check and get back to you on that one.

SLS-Free Update – The Body Shop Rainforest Haircare

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 1 - 2010

I think it’s about time for an update to this post.

It’s been a month and I’ve been sticking to the new routine, using The Body Shop’s Rainforest Haircare.  Infact, I’ve finished the bottles that I was given at their blogger event in the Summer.

I know it’s taken me a while to review, but not only did my hair need to get used to the new products, I needed to get used to the new routine too.  It’s a big difference going from normal detergents and condtioners and it takes a while to adjust.

So, I’ve been trialling The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture variety which is aimed at dry hair types.  My hair is coloured (frequently) and as a result, a little over-processed and dry.  It needs something that isn’t stripping.

My first impressions of this weren’t positive.  Within the 3rd use, my hair felt like straw.  It was unmanageable and bushy… rough and knotty.  I tried using more conditioner, but didn’t experience any improvements.  I nearly gave up on it completely.

Instead, I tried using it in conjunction with my normal conditioner.  I was worried that by using a normal conditioner, I’d be giving the sls-free shampoo too tough a job to clear my hair of build-up… but for me?  This is working well.

The shampoo takes a little getting used to, it doesn’t lather very well on the hair.  It’s recommended to rub it between your palms to build up a small amount of lather before applying to your hair and this does make a difference.

I simply found that the condtioner didn’t do enough to smooth the hair shaft.  Whilst I’m not in love with either of these products, I would purchase the shampoo again.  It left my hair feeling clean and since getting rid of my scalp issues (thanks Nizoral!) it hasn’t caused any further irritations.

Priced at £4 for 250ml, I think the range is pretty good value for money considering the natural and eco-friendly ingredients, but I’d need to see more moisture from the conditioner before I’d purchase again.

You can buy The Body Shop’s Rainforest Haircare range online or instore.

Deal Alert – Batiste Dry Shampoo for 99p?! Yes please!

Posted by Lipglossiping On September - 16 - 2010

Any of you bright-eyed sparks noticed the MASSIVE bargain you can bag in Superdrug at the moment?

In my 2 nearest stores, there’s a huge basket near the tills… full to the brim of Batiste Dry Shampoo Sprays.

Choose between: Original, Blush and Tropical (possibly Boho too – can’t remember!).  Sadly no coloured varients or I would have cleared the lot!

I wonder if they’re repackaging?  Curious!

Pantene Aqua Light Range 1/2 Price at Sainsburys!

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 23 - 2010

I was watching “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” on Dave last night (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, that sentence is gonna sound pretty kinky – I only wish it were).

Anyway, up popped the ads – and as I was preparing to throw a shoe at the telly after the stupid Always advert told me to “have a happy period”, my mood was suddenly placated by an ad announcing that Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light is gonna be on offer in Sainsburys until the 18th August.

And what an offer!  Half price to be exact, so if you were contemplating trying the new range out… don’t bother going anywhere else for it!

The “Swish” Factor? Pantene Pro-V NEW Aqualight Range

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 15 - 2010

With my fine hair, I’ll happily admit that I don’t always use conditioner.  I love how conditioner makes my hair feel smoother and softer, but I simply feel that with each extra product I use on my hair, the heavier my hair feels once dried.  With my current hairstyle (a bob) – it’s important to get a bit of root lift to stop my hair looking lank.

Pantene Pro-V’s new Aqualight Range is designed with one thing in mind.  Weightlessness.  It achieves this with some clever technology which I’ll try to summarise as well as I can.

1. Slimmed-Down Silicone. The Aqualight Range has re-evaluated the amount of silicone needed in products for those with finer hair.  Simple no?

2. Clean-Rinse Technology. Making the products as water-soluble as possible means that not only will the product rinse away faster, it will also leave less residue on the hair.

There were other sciencey things that involved molecules and the way in which they break apart, but I’m not gonna pretend to you that I understood it enough to explain it in layman’s terms!

There are 4 products in the range:

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo – New Clean-Rinse Technology allows the products to be rinsed fast meaning hair feels cleaner and lighter. RRP £2.19 (250ml), £3.69 (500ml)

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioner – New “Liquid Conditioning” ingredients which stay liquid at room temperature and provide optimum conditioning levels without excess deposits.  RRP £2.19 (200ml), £3.69 (400ml)

Pantene Pro-C Aqua Light Spray Rinse-Off Treatment – A clever, ultra-light intensive hair treatment for extra nourishment without weighing hair down. RRP £3.99

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Leave-In Treatment Spray – A lightweight nourishing spray to style and refresh your hair between washes.  The clever “dual phase” formulation contains nourishing ingredients at the top and detangling refreshing ingredients at the bottom. RRP £3.99

First impressions from my samples are good.  Better than good!  After washing and conditioning, my hair feels gently nourished yet light.  But where I really notice it making a difference, is after styling.

I shampoo, condition and then style with a root lifting product and the lift seems to last far longer than normal.  My idea of ‘styling’ is the rather lame “pointing the hairdryer at my roots and hoping for the best” trick, but I’m delighted with the results all the same.

I’m in love with the Aqua Light Rinse-Off Treatment too which is seemingly doing wonders for my dry ends.  Ok, they’re still splitting (need a haircut STAT!)… but they feel smoother and less rough when I roll them between my fingers.  Completely unscientific testing going on here!  I’m a bit unsure about the Aqua Light Leave-In Treatment Spray though.  The whole range smells beautiful and this is no exception.. but I just can’t get it to ‘refresh’ my hair.  It gives it a touch of gloss… but at the moment, I’m not noticing much more than that.

Honestly, I’m always seduced by new hair products that work fabulously well for a couple of months before they simply stop working, so I’ll be sure to come back and update this post if anything changes as I work my way through the products.

I think the Aqua Light range has been out in parts of Europe for a little while but I’ve spotted the shampoo and conditioner online at Tesco last weekend, so I look forward to hearing what you guys think about the range too!

Before you go, I’m curious!  Would you lovely ladies mind letting me know if I’m alone in shunning conditioner in preference for more ‘swishable’ hair?

Do you use conditioner every time you wash your hair?

  • Yes (78%, 126 Votes)
  • No (22%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 162

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The Clothes Show London 2010

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 27 - 2010

I was invited along to The Clothes Show London courtesy of Pantene Pro-V on Friday and my God was I ‘glowing’ by the time I arrived.  How hot was it?  I was with Rowena from Cosmetic-Candy who looked far more ‘together’ and composed than me.

Flared nostrils, crazy-eyed “too many sweaty people near me” expression, melting eyeliner and foundation that had pooled somewhere around my ankles meant that the ladies behind the press desk had a genuinely hard time accepting me as a bonafide member of society let alone someone they should let in without a chaperone.

However, once safely inside Earls Court, we were led to the Pantene Pro-V stand for a wash and blow dry.  I was positively foaming at the mouth over the thought of getting a hair wash (that’s how hot I was) and if they’d retracted their offer at that point, they would have found me moments later with my arse wedged in the sink hosing my sweaty head down anyway.

After the most beautifully refreshing hair wash with some brand new products due for release this Summer, (more on those when I get the info next week) I got to experience a proper blow dry thanks to session stylist Lara Zee.  It was very different to my home attempts which generally involve me flipping my head upside down till all the blood rushes to my nose.  This actually achieved some incredible volume.  Gotta love a professional!

The blow dry was followed up by a fabulous makeup refresher from MUA Laurey Simmons who shared some of her current favs with me (Max Factor Lash Extension Effect & Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser – or was it False Lash Effect… bollocks, now I can’t remember!).  The woman is a psychic… opening up her Shu Uemura palette, I watched her reach for (what looked to me like) the beautiful ME 850.  I walked away a rejuvenated, regenerated and slightly less sweaty version of my former self.  Fabulous.

Time for shopping!

Bar some black tops from ASOS, I actually can’t remember the last time I bought something for myself that wasn’t in powder, liquid or creme form.

Eagle-eyed Rowena spotted this on a stand and practically challenged me to walk away without it.  I couldn’t.

Say Cheese!

Mr. L is unimpressed.  It’s apparently screwed up his plan for my Birthday present as he had his eye on this.  I reckon I should have both AND something else now too seeing as he gave away his surprise by telling me about it DUH!

The Clothes Show itself was a bit disappointing… the discounts were mostly underwhelming… £7 for O.P.I polishes (or 3 for £20), Make Up Store offered some products at 2 for £15 but things like the eyeliners were set at their standard instore price and they didn’t bring the High Light creme things to the show either.

OMG Marketing had a tough time accepting ‘no’ or even “do you have a website?” for an answer which put me off the Art Deco konad-a-like’s more than I thought possible.

However, in fairness… this isn’t IMATS and I ain’t no fashion blogger (or fashion anything really).

The Style Stage attracted a lot of positive attention with Caryn Franklin (I grew up watching her!) putting in an appearance and Pantene encouraging the audience to ‘swish’ their hair in order to win a goodie bag, those in attendance seemed to be thoroughly enjoying all the onstage antics!

And look what I saw!

I spent a wee while hovering at the Eclectic Eccentricity stand which hands down had the prettiest jewellery on display at the show.  All the pieces were so tactile and kinda interactive… I’m surprised I didn’t drive the owner a little bit mad ooh-ing and poking at things *blush*.  If I hadn’t been a little bit naughty in Harrods Beauty Hall earlier in the day, I would have definitely walked away with one of these and one of these too!

All in all, a lovely afternoon made even better by reading this little snippet of news the night before attending.  Ahhhh.

Have you ever been to The Clothes Show?

Philip Kingsley = RELIEF!

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 9 - 2010


I hate it when the seasons change!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to Summer… but my scalp is itching and sore!  I have fleas!

I don’t really have fleas… but twice a year (Spring>Summer & Autumn>Winter) my scalp goes to crap and I’d love to know if this is some weird personal freakishness or something that other people experience too?

Anyway, I mentioned it to a PR lady ‘cos I was explaining why I wasn’t suitable to review some other hair products at the moment and she mentioned this Philip Kingsley range to me…

Flaky/Itchy scalps…. sexy.

The fact is though… I don’t care if it’s a bit taboo… a lot of people suffer!  I can’t wear black tops for at least 2 months of the year whilst I’m going through these flare ups and trust me, nothing makes you more HUGELY self-conscious than feeling your husband gently brushing the flakes off your shoulder whilst you’re standing in a checkout queue.

The Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask is basically an exfoliator for your scalp.  It’s a tricky product to apply and if my hair were longer and thicker I’d have struggled to use it.  I got instant relief from it though and I was able to use it despite my scalp being quite sore.  It gives a lovely cooling sensation and simply eased the itch and temporarily cleared the dry skin that was clinging around my hairline.

I was also surprised at how reasonably priced it is, £3.85 and available with free shipping from FeelUnique!

The other product I was sent was the Philip Kingsley Shampoo for itchy/flaky scalps which I have been using in conjunction with the mask.

Sadly, not quite so affordable.  A 250ml bottle will set you back £16.15 delivered from Feel Unique.

But it’s worth every penny.

3 shampoos in and I’m clear of the scabby bits (gosh, how attractive)… I’m still a touch flaky along the hairline, but it’s really easing off and at this rate I’m gonna be completely clear in a few more days.  I’m going to continue to use it for maintenance twice a week and if I only have to purchase it twice a year, it’s really worth it for me.

In addition to the fact that this stuff simply works, it’s also gentle… I colour my hair regularly and anti-dandruff type products are notorious for stripping and dulling coloured hair.  This isn’t having any effect on my dye-job!

I’m not gonna ask if you ladies are in need of a product like this, but I’d love to know privately if you’ve noticed any correlation between the changing seasons and the condition of your scalp?


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