Deal Alert – Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eye Shadow in Storm £6.99

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 24 - 2014

I don’t know if this is an unusual blogger trait, I’m willing to bet that it isn’t.  But I have a confessionary secret stash and it’s not of makeup.

Oh no, it’s far sadder than that… it’s a secret stash of photographs of makeup.  You see, the thing about us hard-boiled bloggers is that we often struggle to physically open and use makeup before we’ve documented it for prosperity.  I’ve bought some true beauties in the past that have sat for months, untouched… pristine… my fingers aching to prise open the casing and daub the contents over my face.  But I’ve resisted.  All because I haven’t gotten around to photographing it for the blog.

And so today, I’m delving into my stash of photographs for an oldie-but-goodie.  The other problem with hoarding makeup (and photographs of makeup) is that by the time you get around to blogging about them, they’re often discontinued.

But in today’s case… this may be no bad thing, because it also means…

BARGAIN.  When was the last time you saw an Edward Bess eyeshadow for £6.99 inc. postage?  Let me tell you, as happy as I am for your bank account… I’m crying for mine.

Edward Bess Storm Taupe Eyeshadow

Edward Bess Storm Taupe Eyeshadow (2)

Edward Bess Storm Taupe Eyeshadow (3)

Edward Bess Storm Taupe Eyeshadow Swatch

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eye Shadow in Storm is a silvery taupe.  I like to call them “ghostly” taupes and they’re my favourite kind!

A pretty neutral with a shot of ethereal silver flashing through its veins.  It applies as smoothly as you’d expect from the premium U.S. brand and works beautifully as an allover one-shade choice for fraught Monday mornings.

Where did I spot this bargain of bargains?  Well, on the ‘bay of course!  Don’t feel too sorry for me paying full whack, I’ve spotted that the same seller also has another EB shadow that I’ve got my eye on, I may yet make it up to myself!

Are you happy to buy discontinued products from eBay (with a bit of homework) or are you too scared of fakes and fungal infections from out of date cosmetics?

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll recognise the reality of logging onto eBayUK “for a quick look” before losing hours of time, clicking through from item to item… a shopping black hole, genuinely one of the hardest sites on the internet to escape from once you start browsing.

You’ll also be familiar with the triumphant feeling of snagging a hard-fought bargain, waiting until the timer ticks down, heart-rate increasing as the counter gets closer to zero.  Wait, wait… ok… BID!  HOORAY!

I’ve been shopping on eBay for beauty-related items for many years, it’s my number one source for hard-to-find products that may have only been available on counter for a couple of weeks.  It’s also my number one source for buying high-tech cleansing lotions and quirky cheek tints from the Far East.  It’s a veritable treasure-trove for beauty hunters, especially those of us who may be looking for a little saving on the RRP.


This month, eBay UK have introduced a new and exciting way to browse for some brilliant items.  eBay Collections lets YOU take control and publicly share the items that catch your eye.  Create themed boards of items that inspire you, styling them beautifully into carefully curated collections that range from homeware to beauty, fashion to sport – the possibilities are indeed, limitless!

I’ve been working with eBay to create some beauty-inspired collections that feature some of my favourite finds and fantastic themes including: Rainbow Nails, Nuts About Neutrals, and The Miracle of the Micellar!

I’ll be updating the collections and refreshing the items over the next few months and hope that you’ll follow my lead and get curating some collections of your own!


If you find yourself feeling inspired to get creating, leave a comment below so I can hook up with you on eBay and follow your collections as you build and grow them.  Also, if you have any ideas for themes that you’d like to see me create, give me a shout and I’ll give it a go!

* this is a sponsored post in conjunction with eBayUK

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So, I bought some cheap eBay palettes…

Posted by Lipglossiping On July - 5 - 2012

(long before my no-buy, don’t worry) and I’ve started to dismantle them. It’s not the most interesting post in the world but I thought it might help someone out there who’s considering doing the same thing.

You see, I like freestyle palettes. Those of Z-Palette, Yaby, and MUFE fame. I don’t like their price tags though, at least… not in the quantity that I want to buy.  And so instead, I dropped about £6 (including postage) on these three simple alternatives on eBay.  I decided that I’d have a play with them and see how they fared in my mission to depot my stash, thus getting more use out of some of the lovely things I’ve bought over the years.  The palettes come from China (what doesn’t?) and they’re horrifically cheap-looking. The stuff of nightmares.

That being said, they’re pretty well-constructed and if you can stand the aesthetics (or be arsed to somehow disguise it), you could be on to a winner.

The ones I bought come with 15 pans included, the pans are non-magnetic and bend when I blow on them.  I can’t see myself using these for pigment pressing, they’re just so flimsy.  Upon opening the lid, I was pleased to discover that the material which separates the individual pans, was not plastic… but glued foam.  This meant that I could remove and discard the innards without any fuss at all just by pulling it off carefully.

I’ve also bought some magnetic sheets and will cut them to size next weekend in preparation for phase 2.  If you’re thinking of following along in my quest to transform el-shitty palettes into makeup cases of beauty and wonderment (I’m exaggerating), don’t buy thin magnetic sheets… take it from someone who’s already wasted a fiver.  You need something with more strength – I ended up with 0.9mm sheets which, so far, seem to be heavy duty enough.

I bought my palettes from here, and my sheets from here.

Wanna play palettes?

The Brush Guard vs. the eBay budget equivalent

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 14 - 2012

You may remember this post about the brush guards that I use whenever I clean my brushes, it allows them to dry and retain their shape perfectly.  In the comments, Ellie told us about the el-cheapo version you could pick up on eBay for just ninety-nine pennies!  A couple of my original brush guards were showing some wear on the edges so I picked up a couple of rolls and waited patiently for them to arrive from the far East.

I thought I’d do a quick comparison… this isn’t particularly in-depth but I thought it might be useful to demonstrate the major differences between the available tools.

The most obvious difference is in the rigidity of the material used to construct the brush guards.  The eBay equivalent is much softer, more pliable and to be honest, less substantial.  The ‘official’ brush guards are firmer and more rigid with a stronger construction.  If you imagine a rope… the stronger rope will be weaved of more strands – this is pretty much what’s happening here.  Think of it as the ‘official’ version of The Brush Guard being triple-ply loo roll as opposed to the single-ply eBay alternative!

However, this doesn’t make the eBay Brush Guards any less useful when it comes to keeping the brush hairs in shape.  Look, same brush…

You can see that both guards encourage the brush to keep its naturally domed taper, thus allowing it to dry retaining a good shape.  The biggest drawback to the eBay version is that I simply haven’t been able to use them on any eye brushes with as much success and that includes brushes like the MAC 217 – there’s too much stretch in the mesh to conform to a smaller brush tip and hold the bristles as tightly as I’d like.

As for travel?  Well, the official version would be my recommendation.  The eBay guards are simply too pliable and don’t afford the rigidity needed to protect the brushes when they’re bumping up against one another.  To try and demonstrate what I mean, I pressed my fingertip against the brush tip on a MAC 217… I tried to apply the same amount of pressure to the brush head and you can see the difference between the amount of movement exercised on the delicate hairs.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for something to simply cover, lightly protect and shape your larger brushes after washing and aren’t looking for something to protect your brushes whilst travelling – go for the eBay brush guards.  At 99p for a roll of mesh you’ll be sitting pretty with neatly domed powder brushes at the ready!  If you need something more substantial or struggle to keep your eye brushes in good shape, you should stump up the extra pennies and go for the official versions of The Brush Guard.

It may look like a super low-tech solution to protecting your brushes, but not all brush guards are built equally!

I purchased my eBay brush guards, rather unsurprisingly, on eBay (99p) and my official ones from Cocktail Cosmetics (£5 per pack).

Moroccan Black Soap: a.k.a The Blob

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 19 - 2011

We’ve christened my tub of Moroccan Black Soap “The Blob”.  Well, Mr. L did… I wouldn’t have been so stupid.  Everybody knows “The Blob” was pink.

I’m not entirely sure why I own this, I was at a Moroccan restaurant the week before last and when I went to the bathroom to wash my hands… I happened upon this earthenware bowl of black slime.  Being a country girl, I was a bit confused until I read the little sign positioned helpfully above the bowl informing me that the ‘goo’ was infact Moroccan Black Soap.  Anti-bacterial, moisturising and all that good stuff.

I went a bit Veruca Salt after this and decided that I absolutely must have some of my own black goo and thus did some googling when I got home.

Et Voila.  Goo.


It only requires a small amount to build a bit of lather… it doesn’t lather quite in the traditional way, it’s more of a creamy texture with a good amount of slip.  It smells delightfully clean thanks to the Eucalyptus oil and pairs masterfully with a steamy, hot shower.  I can imagine this being a delight if you’ve got a bit of a cold or stuffy nose.

It washes well and leaves my skin feeling clean and conditioned.  Not enough to forego moisturiser but I don’t find it drying.  I should mention that I don’t use this on my face though.

I purchased my Moroccan Black Soap from AromaVille on eBay.  Admit it.  You want some goo now too.

Elise False Lashes (affordable AND good!)

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 2 - 2011

I was born with feet for hands.  Not literally you understand, I mean I don’t actually have toes for fingers… but dexterity wise?  May as well have.

Because of this, I don’t wear false lashes very often but I’m always left wanting to buy some whenever I visit my local CCO.  There’s this SA in there who’s simply stunning (total girl crush) and she always wears perfect false lashes, full and flirty with no hint of Katie Price… they darken her lashline and open her eyes.

Anyway, after my last CCO jaunt, I came home and got straight on the net to satisfy my urge for lashes that I’ll probably never wear out of the house and I came across these:

I favour flirty, natural-looking lashes over the thicker types which I really struggle with and these looked perfect!  I bought two pairs from eBay and they cost around £2.50/£3.00 each once shipping had been added.  Bargain!

Have some piccies…

The boxes aren’t numbered which is a bit of a silly oversight, so I had to do some detective work.  These are #461 – they’re very curly and the band is super-fine and flexible.  The lashes feel soft… really nice for a natural look.  The band is quite long though, I had to cut about 4 knots in to achieve the right length for my lashline.

These are demi (half) lashes, #079 – the band is thicker and slightly stiffer but softens up well with a bit of manipulation.  I’m in total love with these because they really extend my eye outwards and give an almost cat-eye effect…. slinky!  I’m buying a couple more pairs of these this weekend to make sure I have some for wedding season!

Because they’re only half length, I also find them easier to apply… less band, less chance of sticking them to my eyebrow right?!

Excuse the messy brows, I’ve nearly managed to grow them out (whoop!) – I’m booking myself in for a mahoosive threading session next week.

Anyway, back to the lashes, these are the 1st pair (#461), you can see that the curl is strong and the lashes, fine and a touch feathery.

All in all, I’m really pleased with my bargain discoveries from Elise!  You should note that they don’t come with any glue and unlike simillarly-priced Red Cherry lashes, aren’t human hair.

What are some of your favourite false lashes and how often do you wear them?

Shiseido Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist SPF22 PA++ in PO-10

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 22 - 2011

Phew, you don’t wanna be trying to remember the name of this foundation after a few sakes.  But for the record, Shiseido Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist SPF22 PA++ in PO-10 *cough* is definitely worth remembering.

I first heard of this foundation after Kathi at LotusPalace blogged about it… anything that Kathi calls HG frankly has me running for my debit card, foaming at the mouth.  So I ran for my debit card. I’m not admitting to anything else.

I paid around £15 for this on eBay from AlphaBeautyUK and it arrived within 9 days of ordering.

You get 25g of product in a small glass jar… it’s not particularly fancy, it’s just… functional.

My skin is still recovering from the Winter, dry at the best of times.  I’m still needing to consider foundations that won’t be attracted to dry patches of skin and although creams are usually cited as being the ones to go for, I can’t say that I’ve noticed them being particularly more moisturising in the past.

Perhaps I’ve just been going for the wrong ones!

The most compelling thing about this foundation for me is the almost perfect shade match… it’s possibly a hint lighter than my skintone but once it’s had time to fit (oxidise?), it’s pretty damn spot on.

Although clearly pink-based, I think it has enough peach in it to stop it from turning ruddy… if colour matching to a so-called English Rose complexion is an issue for you, I really recommend giving this a try.

So, how about that moisture then?  Seeing as this is called “moist”… well it’s not bad.  It’s not as moisturising as something like Chanel Vitalumiere but to be honest, I find that too tacky on my skin and a little uncomfortable to wear.  I’d class this as somewhere between that and a normal, satin finish foundation.

I’ve read this described as a medium-coverage foundation but for me at least, this is pretty full-on.  I don’t own many foundations that give a fuller coverage than this.  I’ll probably find this far too heavy for the Summer but I’m fine with it while the seasons are still changing.  Here’s a before/after – prepare yourself, it’s shots like this that remind me why I like makeup and NEED eyeliner.

After is on the right, I’ve applied the Shiseido Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist with my fingers over a moisturised face.  No concealer.  God I have big ears.  And please excuse the bloodshot eye.  And the lip spot.  And…oh, bugger it.

What do you think?  I think it tones down redness nicely, covers most imperfections adequately and doesn’t accentuate my dry bits.  I think it’s a bit full-on for the Summer and wish I’d discovered it a couple of months ago.  Mostly though, I love the shade which is pretty damn awesome.

Shiseido Integrate Gracy Cream Foundation Moist SPF22 PA++ in PO-10 is available to buy online from eBay (and possibly many other places that I’m not clever enough to translate).

Inexpensive Beauty Find: eBay False Lashes!

Posted by Lipglossiping On December - 11 - 2010

If you’re looking for beautifully silky, thin banded, flexible lashes…. you should close this page.

If you’re looking for robust, striking, shockingly cheap lashes that you can use to fine tune and hone your lash applying skillz, read on!

What? I told you they were cheap…

I decided about a month ago that I wanted to learn how to apply false lashes (as you do) and so I started buying up pairs of Ardells that I found in T.K. Maxx.  Lovely lashes they are indeed but at £2.99 a pop – not the best for a n00b who doesn’t know how to apply OR (more importantly in terms of lash preservation) remove the damn things without destroying them.

I went through 6 pairs before I decided that what I needed was the eyelash equivalent of a WWII Nazi Panzer tank.  Something that would withstand my ham-fisted attempts at elongating my own lashline.

Enter these false eyelashes from eBay seller GlamLabel.  The seller, based in HongKong dispatched immediately… but unfortunately the post is painfully slow from the far east at the moment, so they took over a month to arrive.  Not the seller’s fault… but something to be aware of if you thought you’d be able to buy them in time for the New Year.

You get 20 pairs in two sets of 10 pairs each.  One is a more natural “day” lash, whilst the other is more dramatic and appropriate for going out.  The lashes feel plasticky… they’re quite coarse and need softening up before wear.  To do this, I spend five minutes flexing them which works well to loosen up the band and make them easier to apply.

Application was actually a bit of a doddle… I genuinely believe that this is down to the fact that they aren’t as soft, fluffy or good quality as more premium brands.  They didn’t flop about as I was trying to apply the glue and they didn’t buckle under the pressure of my sausage fingers trying to smoosh them about on my eyelid to get them in the right place.

See that crappy dangly end?  Yeah… chop that.  Infact, because the band is thicker and the lashes heavier than good quality ones, I chopped them about 3 lashes from the outer edge to make the band a good bit shorter.  I didn’t want them stabbing me in the outer corner of my eye.

What d’ya think?  As always with false lash photos, they’re far more obvious looking in the photo than they are in real life.

I can feel them while I’m wearing them though not enough to be irritating and to be fair, I could feel the Ardells too…

Ignore the funky brows… at the time of taking this photo they were still a “work in progress”.

This set of 20 lashes cost me the same as one pair of reduced Ardell lashes… until I’m a false lash maestro, I know where I’ll be spending my money!

Do you buy cheap false lashes or do you only invest in quality?

O.P.I Swiss Collection – Diva of Geneva NOTD

Posted by Lipglossiping On August - 17 - 2010

I freaking LOVE the name… who the hell doesn’t want to be the Diva of Geneva?

This is the only one from the Swiss Collection that really shouted to me… my “maybes” list is longer, but I’ve mostly plumped for China Glaze Vintage Vixen shades for this coming season.

Diva of Geneva is a beautiful red based purple…. it almost looks pink in some lights.  A perfect shimmer finish that really complements my skintone, I’m gonna get a lot of wear from this shade.

3 coats for a perfect finish, 2 if you’re more heavy handed.  Drying time was fine and it was a joy to remind myself of the OPI brush… lovely application.

I picked this up from one of my favourite U.S. eBay sellers: BeautyZone2007 who is one of the best for combined shipping charges.

What are you lemming from the O.P.I Swiss Collection?

Smoky Blue FOTD

Posted by Lipglossiping On March - 16 - 2010

I never generally use more than 2 or 3 eyeshadows at once, I know lots of ladies manage to create spectacular looks with 5 or 6 shadows all expertly blended across the eye lid.  But I’m pretty cack-handed and can barely stop 2 from muddying together.  That and I just don’t have the time anymore to play, so here’s a very quick smoky eye…

Please excuse the stupid expression, even though I have no excuse.


~ No7 Essential Moisture Foundation in New Ivory mixed with NARS Orgasm Illuminator


~ eBay Generic Gel Eyeliner used as a cream shadow (Shimmer Skyline) – hard to blend but worth it.
~ Laura Geller Fire/Water Eye Shadow pressed onto lid (water half of the duo)
~ MAC Naval Blue pigment blended (badly) into the crease and above
~ L’oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss Liquid Liner in Black
~ L’oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black


~ NARS Cruising Lipstick

I can’t get enough of blue eye shadow at the moment, anyone else going through any shadow phases?

eBay Gel Eye Liner Discovery (Part Deux)

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 21 - 2009

Apologies my lovelies, this post is about 2 weeks late.  I’ll explain why…

After exclaiming my new found love for these el-cheapo gel liners and promising a full review, I wore one of the colour ones and experienced a fair amount of transfer to my upper lid.  Enough to make me rethink whether I should be shouting about them from my virtual rooftop.

I umm’ed and ahh’ed about if for a few days, then promptly forgot they even existed until the weekend whilst playing with rearranging my stash.


I gave two of them another chance and they didn’t move an inch!  Now, the odd thing is this… I wasn’t wearing any primer at the weekend, but I was when they smudged to my upper lid.  However, it may be completely unrelated and I just had particularly oily lids that day or someting bizarro like that.

I’ve already talked about the black… let’s have a little look at the coloured ones I got…


L – R: Shimmer Sky Line, Shimmer Sexy Pink


L-R: Deep Purple, Indigo Blue

Stunning no?


I’ve included the black (from my initial order) in this swatch

Now, I don’t know why they transferred.  Once set on my skin I can run my finger over the top quite firmly and nothing smudges… not even a tiny bit.

Infact, when I tried to wipe them off with one of Leila’s wet wipes, they resisted quite heavily.

Look how hard I had to scrub to remove the pigmentation…


Yes, that is my skin gone all blotchy from the vigourous rubbing and no, they still hadn’t completely faded.  A little bit of makeup remover did the trick.  Infinity Liner indeed.


Swatched on the eye… Clockwise from top-left: Deep Purple, Shimmer Sky Line, Shimmer Sexy Pink, Indigo Blue.

These Infinity Liners are hugely pigmented, soft, creamy and easy to apply.  They take about 30 secs – 1 minute to set and once they do they’re not budging on me despite my best efforts to get them to transfer again.

Infact, as I write this… a thought has occured.  I wonder if *perhaps* there was a slight film of grease or something across the top layer and now that I’ve used them a couple of times and dispersed the grease they’re no longer transferring?  Pure speculation, but I can’t think of any other reasons.  Anddd that doesn’t explain the fact why the black one *does* transfer if I don’t powder it.

My favourite is the Shimmer Sky Line.  It’s positively electric.

Ok, enough of the review already… where did I get them from?

I purchased these from eBay seller CeliaMakeup currently priced at £4.00 each with free delivery.  Delivery is a *little* slow @ just over 2 weeks (my Deal Extreme parcels usually arrive in around 1 week) but they arrived really well-packaged which bodes well for my future orders of those 88 palettes 🙂

I’ve also experienced good customer service from them, I ordered a double-ended eyeliner brush at the same time as my initial order and one end was splayed… they were eager to replace it for me with no problems at all.

Will you be making a purchase?  If so, what colours do you have your eye on?

eBay Gel Eye Liner Discovery

Posted by Lipglossiping On October - 6 - 2009

I wanted to share with you a little discovery I made about a month ago on eBay.  I was checking out some of those 88 palettes from China when I came across a seller with a small range of gel eyeliners priced at around £3.80 each inc. p&p.

I bought one in black along with a long handled flat-top kabuki style brush.

Now, I’ll preface this by saying that I didn’t really hold out much hope that the liner would be any good.  This isn’t the first time I’ve bought gel eyeliners off the Bay, and they are mostly non-setting, non-pigmented greasy affairs as if someone has mixed together a splodge of vaseline and a sprinkling of coal dust.

Imagine my suprise when it turned out to be pretty darn decent!




The first photo was taken when it arrived about a month ago… the second a couple of evenings ago.  You can tell I’ve got some use out of it!


It’s a deep dark nicely pigmented black shade with no shimmer or glitter.  Consistency is thin and spreadable (much like MAC fluidline).  So far, so good!


Staying power is actually a little bit TOO good.  This was after several swipes with a wet wipe… I had to resort to cleansing oil in the end.

My only caveat with this gel liner is that whilst it doesn’t budge on the back of my hand… if I apply a thick liner line on my eyelid, I do get a little transfer to the top lid.  However, this is remedied easily with a bit of translucent powder or black eyeshadow.


It’s a rubbish FOTD, but you can clearly see how nicely pigmented this liner is.  Note my hooded eyelid on my left (your right) – that’s where I would experience a bit of transfer if I didn’t set it.  However, that’s quite a thick application of liner for me.  I’ve also used this on the lower lashline and not experienced any smudging whatsoever.

Anyway…. The seller has had a shipment of new colours and I have been assured that they’re the same formula as the black so I have ordered a few different colours which should arrive this week!

After having a little play, I shall let you know how I get on… if it’s favourable, I’ll let you know the name of the seller (if, of course… anyone’s interested).

By the way, the flat top Kabuki was pretty impressive too (very soft, no horrible smell, shed when I washed it – but not too much since)

Love eBay… oh and I still haven’t got an 88 palette… thinking I might get one of the smaller neutral ones instead.  Or maybe I’ll just procrastinate on it forever!


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