Lanolips are coming to the UK!

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 27 - 2010

My love for these Aussie tubes of lip-loving lanolin have been well documented on this here blog and I’m excited to announce that from September we need go no further than the high street to get our hands on them!

Lanolips will be launching in the top 22 Boots stores starting in September before (hopefully) being rolled out to other stores nationwide later in the year.

The original non-coloured 101 ointment (my fav!) will be priced at £10.99 with the sheer coloured lip-ointments retailing for slightly less.

I’m over the Summer now… come on September!

A Bronze FOTD

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 26 - 2010

Nothing screams Summer like a warm bronzed complexion with copper accents.  Bronze scares me in so many ways!  I love metallics and I adore golds… but bronze?  It’s a touch red… that little bit bolder no?

Bronze and copper totally brings out the greens lurking in your iris though.

Did I tell you that I finally found a bronzer that I can apply with my eyes shut?  Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzer in 01 Blondes.  If you’re as pale and cool toned as me and think bronzer isn’t for you?  Shut Up.  Just go and try it.  I wish I’d found it years ago.

I’ll do a proper review on it soon…

Anyway, the eyes…

I swished my Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Bewitching Bronze all over…. yeah, 1 colour.  Bite me.  I’m a lazy bitch most days, I’ve got approx 549589430 eyeshadows and 50% of the time (unless I’m showing off) I just grab one shade and go.

But check out the eyeliner! I don’t even know if it goes with the shadow… I don’t really care ‘cos it’s HOT!

Guerlain Divinora Liquid Eyeliner, I think they’re discontinued now.  The colour is immense, the packaging beautiful… the formula a little gloopy and slow-drying… but whatever, the colour. is. great.  I’ll have to start stalking eBay.

Are you stalking eBay for anything discontinued?  Do you do that?

L’Occitane Etoile des Neiges Illuminating Powder

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 20 - 2010

I picked this up a few weeks ago whilst browsing in L’Occitane, somewhere I frequent more for their Almond Apple Cleansing Oil than their makeup usually.

I’m endlessly intrigued by colour-correcting all-in-one products like this and it reminds me a little of Guerlain’s infamous Meteorites… obviously not in appearance, but in ambition.

L’Occitane say…

Inspired by a pink white peony with an extraordinary brightness, this illuminating face powder leaves skin soft and velvety, like a petal, and gives a stunning glow to the complexion.

Made with natural softening peony extract from Drôme (France) and mica powder coated with Provençal mimosa flower wax, the powder’s texture glides on smoothly and feels comfortable on the skin leaving an iridescent effect and a delicate perfumed.

Encompassing four sheer shades: pastel green to correct redness, light mauve to correct dullness and the blend of fresh pink and white to light up and refreshes the complexion.

It was tricky to get a swatch, as promised… this powder is soft and sheer, but you should be able to just about make out this swipe on the back of my hand

It’s a very slightly pearlescent pale pink when all four shades are swirled together.  I dust the product all over my face after applying foundation and I do believe that it gives a luminosity to my skin.  It’s very subtle, perhaps too subtle to warrant the £19.50 I paid for it, but I guess the proof is in the fact that I keep reaching for it day after day to set my foundation.

I’m not sold on the colour-correcting aspect of L’Occitane’s Illuminating powder… the shades are simply too sheer to do anything to counteract redness.  I’d have to pile it on an inch thick before noticing any colour correction, but overall… it’s a very pleasant product to use.  Delicately scented and velvet-textured, I’m glad I picked this up.

L’Occitane Etoile des Neiges Illuminating Powder is a limited edition product and available instore at L’Occitane.

LUSH Tea Tree Water Facial Toner

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 17 - 2010

LUSH Tea Tree Water Popular Toner

No, no, no… not that kind of popular…

Main Entry: pop·u·lar
Pronunciation: \ˈpä-pyə-lər\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin popularis, from populus the people, a people

1 : of or relating to the general public
2 : suitable to the majority: as a : adapted to or indicative of the understanding and taste of the majority b : suited to the means of the majority : inexpensive
3 : frequently encountered or widely accepted
4 : commonly liked or approved

This is my second bottle, I have a toner addiction.  It sits nicely alongside my million other addictions, I’m allowed though… I gave up smoking 2 years ago, these pale into insignificance by comparison.  I’d quite like to give up my food addiction though… am I going off on a tangent again?

Where was I?  (About 150 words in, without having said anything useful)

Ok…. LUSH Tea Tree Water… the popular toner…

I find this one particularly refreshing on warm days, the tea tree water is a beautifully cooling astringent that isn’t too harsh for my skin.  I’m not THAT oily, so don’t really have much call for astringent and was initially concerned that this could be a little drying… it isn’t.  It’s just refreshing.

Last summer, I kept one of these in my glove compartment in the car and whipped it out often on long journeys for a quick spritz.  That’s it really, it’s not mega-exciting… but it’s something that I’ve seen fit to repurchase, a summer essential if you like.

I do appreciate a short ingredient list… would appreciate it even more without the Methylparaben, but I don’t really know enough about the paraben controversy done to hold any kind of educated opinion.

I paid £3.25 for a 100g bottle.

What have you picked up from LUSH recently?

Liz Earle guest blogs…

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 16 - 2010

I’m very excited!  We’ve only bloomin’ got Liz Earle guest blogging on Lipglossiping today innit!

It’s an exciting week for everyone at Liz Earle who are currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of their multi-award winning Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Liz agreed to share her tips on how to save some pennies and treat ourselves to a well-deserved uber facial whilst in the comfort of our own pig stys homes.  Read on for her fabulous how-to…

Dear Lipglossiping Friends,

It’s lovely to share with you my personal tips on how to pamper your skin in the comfort of your own home! Plus, if you are looking to curb the expense of a full salon treatment, this technique could be for you.

As summer is approaching, this at home facial is exactly what your skin needs – a fresh, new beginning! Simple, fuss- free and pampering, this facial will leave you with a complexion ready for summer.

Here are the quick and easy steps of what to do:

~ Cleanse
~ Exfoliate
~ Steam
~ Extracts (if any)
~ Tone
~ Mask and rest
~ Moisturise


The cornerstone of fabulous looking skin is cleansing.  Cleansing is integral to achieve a clear complexion by getting rid of daily grime and impurities to keep your skin clean and prevent blemishes.  Look for a gentle cleanser that is free from mineral oil, has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make-up.

Apply a small amount of your cleanser of choice to the fingertips of one hand and dot on forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.  Massage the cleanser into your skin in small circular movements – always work down the neck, and up from jaw line to your forehead, going outwards from the centre of the face.  Work around the nostrils to help shift blackheads, especially if you’re spot-prone.

Wash off the cleanser using a pure muslin cloth wrung out in warm water to help gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.  Finish by splashing your face with cold water for a final refresh.


Exfoliating is a vital step to buff away dead skin cells and impurities, in order to reveal fresh radiant skin.  To give yourself the equivalent of a salon treatment at home, you can use a very gentle face exfoliator.  Look for one containing spherical beads such as jojoba and avoid anything with jagged particles such as nut kernels.

Gently massage your exfoliator over your face, neck and décolleté, for one to three minutes, using the whole length of your fingers and working in little circles, out from the centre.  Avoid your eye area.

Rinse off with warm water.  To remove any last traces, sprinkle toner on cotton-wool pads and sweep them over your face.


After you have prepped your skin by cleansing and exfoliating, start the steaming process!  Avoid this step, however, if you have very high colour on your cheeks, or rosacea.  You can buy fancy gadgets for the steaming process but I get the best results by steaming my face over a basin of hot water for five minutes.   Here’s how you do it:

~ Fill a bowl with just-boiled water and allow it to cool for a minute or two.

~ Tie back your hair, or use a soft stretchy hair band.

~ You can get skin softened and prepped from plain steam, with nothing added to the water, although adding a few drops of essential oil will help blemish or spot-prone skin.  All pure essential oils are volatile oil compounds and therefore have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  My favorites for facial steaming are lavender (good for all skin types), rosemary (for oilier skin) and tea tree (highly antibacterial and thus excellent for helping to purify spots and breakouts).  Add three to four drops to the water just before you put your face over it, and swoosh round with a toothbrush handle or similar.  Essential oils are broken down by heat, so drop in at the last moment to retain maximum potency and aroma.

~ With the towel over your head, take six deep slow breaths (through your mouth may be more comfortable). Move your head a little so every part of your face benefits from the cleansing steam.

~ Remove the towel after about five minutes and use it to pat the skin dry.


The easiest time to remove any small spots or blackheads is just after steaming when skin is softer.  Apply a small dab of plant oil (i.e. grapeseed or almond) or balm to the affected area.

Wrap both index fingers in a tissue (pull it in half, so you have two thin sheets) and gently press the blemish to unclog the plugs of sebum.  Wipe clean and follow with a sweep of skin tonic.  If the spot is deep, don’t push or poke too hard; it may not be ready to be extracted.

A good tip: good light is essential and if you don’t have 20/20 vision, a magnifying mirror is very useful.


A toner is essential for closing pores and preparing your skin for your favorite moisturiser, so follow extractions with a sweep of skin toner sprinkled onto a cotton wool pad to cool the skin.  This will help to keep your complexion cool and calm.  Look for an alcohol free toner that will not dry or irritate your skin.

Mask & Rest

Some women don’t usually use a mask, but I believe it’s an essential part of the process to leave skin balanced, calm and clear.  Apply a generous layer of your favorite mask to both face and neck, but avoid the immediate eye area.  Clay-based masks are useful for spot-prone congested skin.  If you have dry skin I recommend using a creamy, oil-based mask as these are more nourishing.

It’s fine to mix and match masks and use a clay-based mask on your T-zone and then a richer, hydrating formula on drier cheeks.  Apply with your fingertips or – a little insider secret – use a blusher brush to paint the mask over your face!

To help you fall into a haven of rest and wake up with eyes that sparkle, dampen two cotton wool pads with an eye lotion.  Look for one that’s gentle, soothing and will revitalize your delicate eye area.  If you have the time, chill the pads in an ice tray for 10 minutes before applying for a refreshing treat.

I encourage you to lie down for 15 to 20 minutes with your feet propped up – raising your ankles above the level of your heart helps circulation.  Once you start feeling re-freshed, remove the eye pads and thoroughly wipe away the mask with a damp muslin cloth, flannel or facial sponge.


Finish your pampering treat by applying a moisturiser.  Dot over your face, neck and décolleté before massaging in.

I recommend you look for a moisturiser containing natural plant oils which will work in harmony with your skin’s natural oils to give it just the right amount of moisturisation, leaving your skin radiant with a healthy-looking glow.

Follow with your selected eye cream.

I hope you’ve found my personal tips helpful and just in time for summer.  If you have any questions regarding this at-home facial treatment, please feel free to ask any questions to Charlotte and the Liz Earle team and I will be happy to answer them.

Best regards,


So there you have it, tips from a bonafide skincare queen!  I’m going to give it a go this weekend, I’m in need of some serious pampering and have my Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Deep Cleansing Mask at the ready!

I never get round to making time to do this kind of thing despite ALWAYS promising myself that I will, so I’m pledging…. right here, right now.  Next week, my skin will GLOW from a proper DIY facial thanks to these tips.  Anyone else gonna make the pledge with me?  And no cheating… you have to do the lot… the steaming and the feet up bit included!

Also, as Liz mentioned… if you have any questions about DIY pampering, please leave a comment below!

Purses at the ready…

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 11 - 2010

…Bargain hunters may not want to miss this quick public service announcement!

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of Liz Earle’s cult Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and for one day only you can purchase Cleanse & Polish for the original launch price of £9.50, saving over 25% off today’s retail price of £13!

“Quick, tell me how!” I hear you ask…

You can purchase it at this special price online through the Liz Earle website on Tuesday 15th June.  Set your alarms!

Lush launch LE Cyclists Repair Kit

Posted by Lipglossiping On June - 3 - 2010

From the 1st June 2010, staff from Lush Cosmetics are embarking on a nationwide cycle journey that will encompass each and every Lush store in the UK.

They’re doing it in aid of the Change Your World campaign – a movement that encourages people to consider alternative, sustainable modes of transport for local journeys.  And this, is where the Cyclists Repair Kit comes in…

In conjunction with this journey, Lush has launched a limited edition Cyclists’ Repair Kit (£9.95) that contains six fresh handmade cosmetics to repair and rejuvenate tired cyclists.

Available throughout the month of June only, the kit contains a 10g sample tin of Lush’s NEW Ultrabalm, a sample sized Ultralight SPF 10 moisturiser; one 10g pot of Kings of the Mods styling gel to keep hair smooth under cycle helmets; one Aromaco deodorant with patchouli; one sample sized Handy Gurugu hand cream; and a Wiccy Magic Muscles cinnamon and mint massage bar to rub onto aching muscles to help dispel tension and possible inflammation.

I reckon it’d make a great little festival kit for the summer!

Talking of which, any of you ladies take part in the festival circuits?  I’ve never been to one!

The Liz Earle Skincare Tutorial

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 31 - 2010

Last week while I was up in London, I was invited along to the Liz Earle store just off Sloane Square to experience one of their Skincare Tutorials.

Despite being completely addicted to all things beauty, I was genuinely surprised when I found myself struggling to answer the first question that Jo (the Treatments Manager) posed me.

“What do you like least about your skin?”

It’s not that I don’t have problems with my skin… it’s just that after 28 years, I’ve made peace with them.  Or so I thought…

She waited patiently as I desperately scoured the confines of my psyche searching for a string of nouns and adjectives that I could string together in a suitable response.  When suddenly, something shifted and before I knew it, I couldn’t stop myself as issue after issue spilled from my lips and damn near flooded the treatment room.

“Redness!  Uneveness!  Dry Bits!  Oily Bits!  Dullness!”

Woah there Nelly!  Jo looked slightly bemused but remained completely composed as I leaned in to show off the redness across my cheeks and nose.

“Ilooklikeadrunk, isitrosacea? OMGamIgonnagetrosacea?” I gasped, suddenly panicked at the thought of replacing all my lovely creamy concealers with industrial tattoo coverup.

By this point, I was probably flaring at the nostrils like some over-tried, sweaty race horse.  To her credit, Jo remained ever-relaxed and soothing as she examined my skin closely.

I was ‘diagnosed’ with ‘diffused redness’ and was assured that this was NOT the same as Rosacea and nor was it necessarily a sign that I was gonna develop the common skin problem, especially as I have no family history of the condition.  It did, however, mean that my skin is in a state of sensitivity, irritation and inflammation.

“OMGLIKE… WHATCANIDO?” I wanted to exclaim… though I think I retained a teeny bit more street cred that that would imply.

Jo gave me a 1 month action plan to kickstart some serious healing… and I was all ears:

1) Drink plenty of water and Green Tea (anti-oxidants)

2). Include some anti-inflammatory foods in my diet (Salmon, Turmeric, Papaya, Brocolli, Sweet Potato) and perhaps even supplement with something like garlic tablets (a well known anti-inflammatory).

3). Aim to use skincare that contains vitamin E, which she described as the best anti-oxidant available.

4). Make sure the water I use isn’t too warm, be gentle and use as little water as possible in my cleansing routine.

Ok, I need to interject here….  Ahem.  A proposition nightmares are made of for me!

5). Be GENTLE with my skin when cleansing and don’t over stimulate the areas affected by redness

I’m gonna give her advice a go and see if I can get my skin happy with me again.

She also highlighted a few Liz Earle products that she believes will be beneficial to my particular concerns and demonstrated exactly how best to make them work for me.  There was no hard sell, and infact… Jo focused upon my lifestyle choices that may be triggering my skin sensitivity more than anything else.

I really enjoyed the skincare tutorial, a personal service that allowed me to discuss my concerns was a truly welcome experience.  It’s priced at £45 for 45 minutes and I think it would make a fantastic birthday gift for a sister, daughter or other close relative.  Infact, how much would I have loved this as a teenager?

I still have the Nokia 5110 that my parent’s gave me for my birthday back in 1998.  I wonder if they’d mind exchanging it for another session with Jo… I could have chatted for hours!  You can read some of Jo’s skincare tips here.

Liz Earle’s Young Skin Try-Me Kit will be reviewed by…

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 5 - 2010

… Rachel! (QueenofTurquoise)

Thanks for offering your self up in the name of beauty Rachel!

I’m sorry I don’t have more things available for you lovely guys to review, it’s wonderful to get some alternative opinions on Lipglossiping!  Stick around, I’ll hopefully have something else for you guys soon.

Rachel, please email me your address details and I’ll pop the kit in the post.  Can’t wait to hear your experiences with it!

Guest Reviewer Please!

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 28 - 2010

Following on from the roaring success of Ali’s guest review, I’d really like to do it again…

I have a rather lovely Liz Earle Young Skin Try-Me-Kit here that I’m dying to break into myself but know that at 28 years old my skin doesn’t really qualify as “young” anymore.  I hope you can hear me sobbing at the back!

I’m looking for a guest reviewer aged between 17-25 to test this kit out for me*

If you’re interested please leave your name below and remember to put your email address in the bit where it asks for it so I can contact you!

I’d ideally like you to give it a full 3/4 week test period before letting us know your thoughts on the kit…. so if you can commit to a new skincare routine for that period and are happy to share your thoughts with my readers then let me know in the comments below!  I’ll chose a reviewer on Wednesday 5th.

*UK only, sorry chaps I gotta think of the postage!

Lime Crime now fully launched at Space NK

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 15 - 2010

My posts on the launch have been a touch hiccoughy – so here’s a little recap ‘cos I know there’s a lot of interest out there.

~ Launch Announcment & Thoughts

~ Review and lip swatches of Countessa Fluorescent, No She Didn’t & My Beautiful Rocket

Fully launched now, you should be able to find the Lime Crime lipsticks in your local store…. if you do go and have a play with some of the colours, please come back and share your thoughts with me (and everyone else!).

It would be great to get lots of varied feedback because judging by some emails I’ve received… I’m beginning to get the impression that some of you are really interested and excited by the lipsticks but hesitant to display your excitement for fear of ‘going against the tide of opinion’.

That saddens me.

Getting excited about super-bright lipsticks is your prerogative and we should all be excited about beautiful colours and new launches!

The majority of you who come here aren’t beauty bloggers and don’t leave me comments and are infact interested in one thing and one thing only:  “…are they any good ‘cos I don’t wanna waste £14 on a crappy lipstick”.

I say… read my review and then go and try a few shades!  While you’re at it, please come back and let me know what Airborne Unicorn is like ‘cos my nearest Space NK is a shocking 25 miles away.  Yep… feel for me.

And that (you’ll be pleased to hear) is probably my last word on it.

Lime Crime CandyFuture Collection Lipsticks for SpaceNK

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 13 - 2010

Further to my post last week discussing the launch of Lime Crime at SpaceNK stores this month, I want to share with you my thoughts on the lipsticks that I was sent by SpaceNK.

I wrote the initial post because whilst not wanting to ignore the contentious issues surrounding the brand, I want to keep that separate to my review of the products.

If you’re interested in purchasing the lipsticks from SpaceNK, please have a read and check out my thoughts on how they worked for me.

First of all… the packaging.

A lot has been said about the packaging.  It generally tends to polarise opinion between two camps.  I have to say…. I like it a lot.  Admittedly, so would my 11 month old given another couple of years.

I like the holographic unicorns…. no, I LOVE the unicorns.  I don’t however like the overall colour choice, but only because I think those unicorns would have looked stunning against a shiny black background.

The packaging up to this point feels sturdy and I’m impressed by the quality.

I was sent three which you can see above.

Lime Crime have based the credibility of their entire range on the phrase: “So bright, it’s illegal.”  And I have no qualms about the brightness of the shades I received.

Are they brighter than lipsticks that you can purchase from brands such as MAC, BarryM or even clubber’s fav Stargazer?  Possibly not… Infact, I’ve already found a fair colour dupe of Countessa Fluorescent in my BarryM 146.  But you would have to be a fairly brand-savvy makeup shopper to find these dupes, and this collection just makes it easier.

Before I move on to swatches, wear etc… I do have one quality issue.  My Countessa Flourescent arrived ‘wonky’.  When I wind it up and down, it ‘drags’ on the inside of the tube leaving not only a streak of pink behind, but a groove dug out of the lipstick.  I wouldn’t expect nor accept this from a £14 product.

As you can see, on the back of my hand… they swatch beautifully and true to tube colour.  They achieve full opacity very quickly and are just as vibrant as they promise.

I’m going back to front from the hand swatches… but I’ll start with…

My Beautiful Rocket.

It applied well and I found it fairly creamy.  It’s no YSL Rouge Volupte, but I will happily reach for it whenever the situation demands an orange!  And what a shade it is!  Vibrant in colour and packing a nice sheen.  I would recommend this as a great summer shade.

No She Didn’t.

A horrible chalky lipstick.  It drags across my lips and the colour it deposits sinks instantly into the furrows meaning that I have to go over a number of times to achieve any real opacity.  The result of having to apply it so heavily is bleeding around the edges and a caked-on feeling.  I’ve read reports of staining, but I couldn’t bear to keep this on my lips for long enough to test that theory out.

I wouldn’t recommend this lipstick at all, and think the formula needs adjusting to make it work.

Countessa Fluorescent.

Colour-wise for me, this was my favourite.  I love this bright dolly pink which achieves a fabulous opacity without too much effort on my part.  It’s more drying than My Beautiful Rocket and it left a stain around the contour of my lips which I wasn’t delighted about.

I can’t decide whether to forgive it for those niggles.  Perhaps if the price were lower… but at £14, I want a damn good lipstick.  And this doesn’t qualify.

I wouldn’t describe any of these lipsticks as moisturising, but of the three… My Beautiful Rocket came the closest to leaving my lips in the same condition as before I had applied the product.  To be fair, I’ve just spent 3 hours in a Chanel Rouge Coco…. and that’s left my lips feeling pretty dehydrated too.

I’m no chemist, but the main problems I see with these lipsticks is the thickness of the formula.  They’re just so heavy.  I guess the whole “I’m so bright, I’m illegal” ethos demands this heavy pigmentation and perhaps this is the flipside to trying to achieve such an opaque range of products.


I think that at £14 each, the price is too high for the quality of the product.  The shades are awesome and the staying power is pretty darn effective.  I think they’re a fabulous idea and I would love to see some adjustments to the formula that would make them kinder to the wearer’s lips.

Would I buy them?  I would buy My Beautiful Rocket. I would bin No She Didn’t.



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