Urban Decay Lush Lash – The Results!

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 6 - 2011

I know a few of you have been keen to hear about how I fared with my trial of Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System*.  I started the trial back in February and finished up the tube a few weeks ago.

The system promises lashes that are…

– 25% longer and thicker in 2 weeks
– 40% longer in 4 weeks
– 63% longer in 6 weeks

Sadly, I didn’t experience anything as impressive as those results.  Infact, I’m not really sure I experienced anything much at all.  See what you think (the top image shows the BEFORE, the bottom image is AFTER using the system for 8 weeks).

I think I see more fullness to my lashline… but no increase in length.  Or at least, nothing worth shouting about.  (On a side note, damn… I think I’m in love with my eye cream LOL!)

As a peptide-based lash growth system, it works on the premise of protecting the lashes you already have and strengthening new ones coming through, thereby increasing their life cycle.  This is probably why I’m seeing a slight increase in volume as the lashes that would have normally fallen out are still clinging on thanks to the fortification.

At £28 it’s an affordable alternative to the more expensive systems out there which include the likes of M2Beauté, LiLash and Revitalash but I can’t help but wonder if sometimes, you really do get what you pay for.


Urban Decay Lush Lash is priced at £28 and available to buy online from BeautyBay, LookFantastic and HQHair

* PR Sample

Travalo, making perfume portable and a GIVEAWAY!

Posted by Lipglossiping On May - 5 - 2011

When a product gets over 200 5* reviews on Amazon, I can’t help but take notice.  Which is how I ended up buying one of these Travalo perfume atomisers last Christmas to put in a care parcel for my sister in Oz.  I haven’t actually *sent* this parcel yet, infact… I’m looking at it with overwhelming guilt as I type this. Note to self: send the damn parcel already, it has creme eggs and a packet of twiglets with her name on ’em!

I’m tangenting…

Anyway, I was contacted by Travalo’s PR last month who wondered if I’d heard of the atomiser… “Yes!” says I, irrelevantly explaining what a completely awful sister I was.  Once I’d stopped rambling, they deduced that I hadn’t actually tried it for myself and kindly offered to send me one.

Behold.  The Travalo.  (and a nearly empty bottle of Hypnotic Poison).

The premise is simple.  We don’t want to carry big bottles of breakable perfumes around with us in our handbags and we *definitely* don’t want to pack them in our suitcases to take on hols but we still want to smell incredible right?

Old fashioned perfume atomisers involved fiddly things like funnels and swearing under your breath as you poured half your bottle of EDT over yourself, the kitchen counter and the cat before managing to eke maybe half a drop into the atomiser vessel.

Travalo uses a pump action to draw the juice from the original bottle into the atomiser chamber without a single drop going to waste.  Or that’s how it works in theory at least… look…

You just pop the nozzle off your favourite perfume and press the base of the Travalo onto the exposed, erm, errr, stump?  I’m sure that’s not the technical word.

It totally reminds me of watching my mum refill her BIC lighters in the 80s.  But again, with less swearing.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about pumping the Travalo up and down on the stump of the perfume bottle.  And it doesn’t even remotely make me think of sex either.

You get about 50 spritzes from a full Travalo which should be plenty for a week in the Sun.  I like that the atomiser has a decent nozzle too… it doesn’t dribble fragrance pathetically or force me to make do with my most hated of dispensers… the roller ball.

It’s a bit “form follows function” in its design and styling but it serves its purpose well without any major faults.  I’ve lumped it about with me in my handbag, given it to L to play with in the back of the car and even let Mr. L have a go at filling it after his curiosity got the better of him.  It has suffered a fair few scratches where the Travalo has bumped up against my car keys so I’d like to see the product come with one of those little drawstring pouches to keep it better protected.

When all is said and done though, it’s solidly achieved what it promises without fuss or palava, providing an affordable solution to a common fragrance dilemma!

Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomiser Bottle is available to buy online from CheapSmells and Amazon, priced from £7.10 with free delivery.


Now, for the giveaway… I have one of these Travalo Atomisers (in PINK!) to give away to a lovely Facebook follower!  If you don’t already following Lipglossiping.com on the book of faces, why not? Oh, you hate facebook?  In that case drop me an email and I’ll enter you anyway.

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Yaby Freestyle Palette

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 30 - 2011

Another one of my IMATS purchases from earlier in the year was this Yaby Freestyle palette… ‘freestyle’ because it holds any shape of pan in the same way the more well-known z-palettes do.

Being a Yaby palette, it’s not exactly large… at around 15cm (longest side), it’s smaller than MAC, Z-Palette, Unii and MUFE palettes but as my end goal is to fill it with Yaby products (which are teeny tiny too), I don’t have a problem with the compact sizing.

Mine is currently filled with a few randoms (5 Yaby eyeshadows, a Yaby brow powder, 1 MAC eyeshadow, a Yaby blusher and a Stila eyeshadow to be precise!).

The palette is well-constructed with solid hinges, strong magnets and sturdy housing.  The mirror is large and without any obvious distortions.

It’s pretty much a delight to take away on holiday and I can’t wait to fill it with more baby Yaby goodies!

I bought my Yaby Freestyle Palette from The Makeup Artist Boutique (who were exhibiting at IMATS).  It is priced at £10.99 from their web store.

Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille

Posted by Lipglossiping On April - 23 - 2011

Smoky, boozy, warm and decadent.  Richly opulent with a vanilla that transcends all.  The vanilla is a true, gourmand vanille as opposed to anything too playful or overly sweet.  It harmonises and mellows the tobacco beautifully.

Tobacco Vanille* is a fragrance that oozes warmth, breathe it in deeply and you’ll feel the scent warm your belly like the sun.  This makes it quite a difficult fragrance for some to wear during Summer months where the headiness may become overwhelming… but for me, it’s the perfect accompaniment to sultry, Summer evenings.

At £118 for 50ml, a Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance isn’t a purchase to be entered into lightly but these exquisitely blended perfumes stand alone with personalities that cut through the myriad of other frags on the market.  Complex and deep, I’ve sniffed the 12 scents in the Private Blend collection and appreciate the quality of each one.  This doesn’t mean I love all of them but it stands out to me that I only dislike certain blends because the personality of the scent disagrees with my tastes and not because it lacks anything in terms of quality.

The line of Private Blends are described as unisex and this is definitely true for Tobacco Vanille that wears just as smoothly on my skin as it does on my husband’s thanks to the craftsmanship displayed in creating the perfect balance.  The spicy tobacco adds a bitterness to the creamy vanilla whilst the vanilla and honeyed tones smooth the rough edges from the tobacco leaf.  The feminine/masculine tones simply dance a tango in the bottle.

My one wish would be for a couple more hours wear from Tobacco Vanille which lasts around 6 hours on my skin whilst my husband manages to achieve around 16 hours from a coupe of sprays!

If you like sweet, rich scents but feel that the majority of mass scents on the market smell a little too young or fruity… you must visit your local Tom Ford counter to experience Tobacco Vanille on your own skin, then make your partner fall in love with it too, there’s nothing like going Dutch 😉

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is available from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods and priced from £118

* press sample

Prai o2 Infusion – effective but not without effects…

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 26 - 2011

…side effects, that is.

I was sent a tube of Prai’s new o2 Infusion last month which is described as an “innovative formula (which) contains oxygen molecules to help deliver additional oxygen to the surface of the skin, giving lackluster skin a more youthful and a refreshed look”.

I’m in two minds about this product.

For me, it does what it says on the tin.  After using it just one time, my skin did look brighter… the tone seemed more even and gave an impression of (dareisayit) outright perkiness!

But the next day?  My skin was ALL kinds of flakey.

So, I brought my ever-faithful, heavy duty skin oils into play and a week later my skin was back to normal.

Being me though, I couldn’t help but eye up this lovely, neat tube of product every time I stood at the sink washing my face and it wasn’t long before I was slathering it over my skin again, watching it get foamier and foamier as I waited the requisite 2 minutes before rinsing it off.

“Oooh, nice fresh looking skin again!”

Until the next day, when I was back to square one and looking more Mumm-Ra than Yummy-Mummy.  My foundation looked like crap and I was moisturising 3 times a day just to try and inject some life back into my skin.

Third time’s a charm right?  Wrong.

I feel like this…

I experience no sensitivity when using it and no dryness issues immediately afterward.  I moisturise straight after use and in fairness, I suffer from normal/dry skin anyway.

So what do I do… do I recommend?

Well… at under £20 for 40ml it doesn’t break the bank (and a little goes a VERY long way thanks to the foaming action), so I’m happy to recommend under one condition; you have oily skin.

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”Ingredients List” ccolor=”ffffff” bcolor=”b0c4de” bgcolor=”e6e6fa” cbgcolor=”b0c4de”]Water (Aqua), Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether, Sorbitol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methyl Perfluorobutyl Ether, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Isononyl Isononanoate, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Sodium Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Sodium PCA, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Mica, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Glycerin, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Zingiber Cassumunar Root Oil, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035)[/stextbox]

If you have a propensity toward dry skin?  I would stay away as I think this might just be a tad too harsh for our sensitive souls.

Prai o2 Infusion with Vacuum Technology should be launching on QVC this month, priced at £19.75

* Press Sample

Tangle Teezer: It’s for wimps with hair…

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 25 - 2011

…or hairy wimps, we can be passive or active about this… I don’t care whose voice we use.

I was bullied into this purchase by the good folks on Twitter who told me that if I didn’t buy one, my first born would hate me forever.

Always open to a bit of parenting guilt, I went for the black.  If in doubt, always buy something in black I say!

It arrived a few days later, looking all sleek and shiny and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

Now, to be fair… I don’t have particularly tangly hair.  Nowadays it’s a lot finer that it used to be and I don’t have to do that whole “clench it at the roots” thing to reduce pulling and pain.

My first impressions of the Tangle Teezer are that it’s a lot lighter than I anticipated and to be blunt, it’s a lot ‘cheaper’ feeling too.

I’m used to paying out for a Mason Pearson and was hoping that this would be the brush that would help extend the last bit of life left in mine.  In other words, I wanted the Tangle Teezer to be my workhorse… and the Mason Pearson to be my finisher!

The Tangle Teezer feels quite rough around the edges… construction is fully plastic and it is literally quite ‘rough around the edges’ with bits of plastic that catch on your skin.

On a more positive note, Mr. L has told me in no uncertain terms that if I can’t find it, it’s because he’s stolen it to scratch his head with which means that my MP is off the hook.  Anyone who owns a Tangle Teezer will understand what I mean when I say that the plastic bristles (I know that’s an oxymoron) really reach through your hair and give your scalp a great ‘brush’.

Another problem I have with the Tangle Teezer is it’s tendency to fly out of my hand mid brush… this thing needs rubber grips on the handle like I need an Apple Martini… i.e. now.

I would imagine that if your hair is thicker, this would be even more of an issue because of the additional pressure one would have to apply to draw the brush through the hair.

It fits nicely in the palm, even in my small hands though it would be far too cumbersome for a child to hold.  I believe they have a flowerpot designed Tangle Teezer especially for small hands!

So… overall… I’m torn.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to, I can’t fault it on it’s detangling abilities on my fine hair.  The teeth work through my hair like a hot knife through butter.

But having said this, I still think it’s over-rated and overpriced.  It feels cheap (but isn’t) and it’s quite poorly designed.  I can’t even carry it around in my bag because the prongs look like they would bend out of shape if I blew on them too hard… but perhaps their flexibility is part of the reason it detangles so painlessly?

Would I purchase it again?  No… but that doesn’t mean I regret my purchase either.

The Tangle Teezer is priced at around £10 and available online and instore at Boots.

The Braun Oral B Triumph 5000 Electric Toothbrush

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 24 - 2011

If Inspector Gadget owned an electric toothbrush, the Braun Oral B 5000 Triumph would surely be his weapon of choice.

The Inspector Gadget of toothbrushes

I make my living surrounded my motherboards, CAT 5e cables and heat sinks, I’m not one to be turned off by a little gadgetry but this device had me scratching my head for a wee while at all the modes, options, brushes and monitoring solutions.

Say what?

It basically consists of two units.  A toothbrush (that comes with a ‘docking station’ for charging) and a ‘SmartGuide’ which sits somewhere near the toothbrush unit.

When I initially unboxed the product, I read the instructions for the ‘SmartGuide’ and got so bogged down by them, I decided that I’d simply ignore that part of the system and concentrate on using the toothbrush.  After a few weeks had passed, curiosity got the better of me and I unpacked the ‘SmartGuide’ and installed it alongside the toothbrush.

The SmartGuide, doing what it does best… flashing at me.

Having never owned an electric toothbrush before, the actual brush itself has been a revelation from day one .  My previous experience (of trying my mother’s!) had been brush heads that were WAY too big and clunky to reach the back of my mouth which left my teeth feeling thoroughly uncleansed.

The brush heads that click onto the Braun Oral B Triumph systems fit each tooth perfectly but are still small enough to reach right back to those pesky wisdom teeth without putting your jaw into spasm.

It comes with a variety of brushes for all your brushing/polishing needs.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve no real use for half the brushes that you can purchase to integrate into this system… after three months, I’ve decided that for my requirements, the Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Heads do everything I need although it’s nice to have the option to incorporate special polishing cups and floss-action heads into your routine if you require.

On the subject of flossing and despite owning brush heads that claim to offer this action, having an electric toothbrush with all these bells and whistles hasn’t replaced the manual action of a piece of flossing thread successfully.

I visited my dentist after having used the Braun system for 3 months and interestingly, the only area that hadn’t shown any signs of improvement were the gaps between my teeth.  It’s a breeding ground for bacteria and picking up one of these all singing/all dancing electric toothbrushes doesn’t replace the need for daily flossing.

Well designed and nicely weighted handle with display

But hold on there for a moment… because did you notice what I said?  The “only” area not to have shown improvement!

I’ve been visiting my dentist for about 12 years now and she always makes my visits sweeter by making me feel better about my mouth being the plaque attractor that it is.  “Some people just have more ridges on their teeth to attract it!” she says whilst I sit there worrying that she must think I never brush my teeth at all.

When I visited the dentist last week, I asked her specifically to tell me if there were any noticeable improvements to my last visit.  She consulted the computer and worked her way around my mouth, noting various numbers to her auxiliary who plugged them in to the system (lots of 2’s and one 3 incase that means anything to you!)

Apparently, my gums had improved in most areas except for that one number 3 which I could feel was slightly inflamed just with my tongue.  She noted that there was an overall significant improvement on last time (5 months previously) and that she had been a little concerned at their deterioration following the birth of my daughter.  Apparently, we’re back on track!

Not only that but she also made a little joke that the scale and polish was going to take her half the time it usually does as the ‘flat surfaces’ were looking really clear of plaque compared to normal.  To be honest, I could have told her that!

OK, so the Braun Oral B Triumph 5000 has passed the dentist test with flying colours as far as I’m concerned.  It’s obviously brushing my teeth more effectively than a manual toothbrush ever did though as I said earlier, it doesn’t replace a good old-fashioned floss which is just as important as tooth brushing!

The system all set up!

But back to this SmartGuide for a minute… afterall, this is one of the Braun’s USPs.  We’re talking about a toothbrush that costs £160+ when it isn’t on special offer.  It’s USP needs to make it worth that doesn’t it?

Sweeping aside all the special modes for deep cleaning, sensitive cleaning, polishing, tea-making and everything else it offers… the SmartGuide gives me one major advantage…

It makes me brush my teeth for a full 2 minutes night and morning.  It’s like a nag.  I switch on the toothbrush… and 10 seconds later I’m ready to move on to the next section of my mouth.

“NO!” says the SmartGuide.  Well, it doesn’t actually *say* ‘no’ – that would be REALLY clever!  What it does, is flash at me.  It shows me the quadrant of my mouth that this brush needs to stay in for the next x-amount of seconds.  I look back down at the sink… surely it’s time nowwwwwwwww…

“NO!” (flashes the SmartGuide)…

The simple truth is that without the SmartGuide, I’d be finished with my teeth brushing approximately a full minute earlier than with it.  And that ain’t good news for my teeth.

The Braun Oral B Triumph 5000 Electric Toothbrush (with naggy SmartGuide) is available online at Boots priced at £163.39… but wait!

You can get it from Amazon for £79.99.  And that my friends, is what I would be happy to call a bargain.

Monu Cleansing Balm – So delicious, I wear it as a perfume.

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 20 - 2011

There are some things in life that one really should avoid doing but we do them all the same.

One shouldn’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach, never swallow chewing gum, and don’t cross the road to avoid a charity collector, that’s just… uncharitable.

I’m going to add “wear your cleansing balm as a perfume” to this list.

Weirdness aside, it’s doubles up as a rather lovely cleansing balm too!

Compared to other cleansing balms that I’ve used in the past, Monu Essential Care Cleansing Balm feels a little rustic by comparison… and by rustic, I mean… artisan, less mass-manufactured…

This is both a good and bad thing.

I get the feeling that quality is something that hasn’t been skimped upon.  The ingredients list is full of delicious oils and emulsifiers boosted with some heavenly natural fragrances.

And it’s the combination of those fragrances that make this cleansing balm an absolute joy to use.  It’s a citrus explosion without being remotely kitchen/bathroom-y.  I’m really particular about citrus scents and they have to be ‘just’ right.  Not too sweet, not too tart.  This has the perfect balance that makes you want to inhale deeply whilst massaging the balm into your skin.

The flipside of this ‘rustic’ quality is that the packaging and feel of the product isn’t as luxe as I would expect for something that costs £35 for 150g.

When I opened the sample I was sent, I was surprised to see that in actual fact… it isn’t really a balm at all.  It’s half balm/half oil and in it’s current state of ‘not being able decide whether it’s a solid or a liquid’, it’s not the easiest product to scoop from the pot without making a bit of a mess.  I also wonder what effect warmer weather will have on it’s consistency.

Texture concerns aside, all is forgiven the moment I start massaging this into my skin.  The scent (have I already mentioned the scent?) focuses my mind on the job at hand and the slip ensures that there is no drag on the skin as I encourage the product to get to work on removing my makeup.

And remove my makeup it does, dissolving everything I throw at it without any fuss.  I’m terribly oaf-like when it comes to eye makeup removal… I don’t bother with being especially delicate.  I rub product onto my eye lashes gently by rolling between my thumbs and index fingers and hope that when I’m done I haven’t given myself temporary blindness and searing eye pain.

I haven’t experienced any horrible eye problems with the Monu Cleansing Balm though I’m not about to grind product into my eyes just to make sure!

It emulsifies quickly and completely in warm water and washes away without leaving any residue on my face, hands or sink.  I do still double cleanse out of habit and the one time that I didn’t (to test dryness), I wouldn’t say that this leaves my skin feeling any less dry than other balms or oils… I still need to head for the moisturiser before my skin begins to tighten.

If you’re looking for a cleansing “balm” that does what it says on the tin, is paraben-free with only natural fragrances and makes you want to leave some behind on all your pulse points after cleansing… this would be the one for you.

Monu Cleansing Balm is priced at £35.00 and available online.

NARS Copacabana Illuminator – Swatches

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 6 - 2011

It was around the same time last year that NARS released the first in their line up of liquid illuminators, the NARS Orgasm Illuminator.  This year, NARS are releasing not one, not two but THREE new illuminators to sit alongside the original.

Due out a little later this month, the three shades will be well-known to NARS fans out there:  Copacabana, Super Orgasm and Laguna.

NARS Copacabana Illuminator is a pale pearly pink shade shot through with a hint of silver sparkle.  The sparkle stops it from being the kind of illuminator that I’d want to mix in with my foundation (at least during the daytime).

It has a thin, blendable texture and like it’s predecessor, a little goes an extremely long way, the 30ml bottle should last and last.

It is such a pretty shade for pale, cool-toned skin and I’m pleased that NARS have decided to extend the shade collection in this range.  Although I was a fan of the original Orgasm illuminator, I did comment that I felt it suited darker skin tones than mine.   This one?  The Copacabana Illuminator?  Made for me.  Not you, just me!

So far, I’ve worn this dotted along my cheekbones and it blended quite happily over liquid, cremes and powder foundations with no clumping issues.  I’ve also dropped a couple of dots into my body cream before slathering over my decolletage.  There are endless ways to wear illuminators… well, 4 or 5.

The illuminator dries down to a powder finish after a few minutes, so although it’s easy to blend… I feel that I have to be a bit quicker than with the original Orgasm version.

I sneaked a peek at both the Laguna and Super Orgasm illuminators as well.  Whilst Laguna looked ah-mazing for darker skintones, Super Orgasm disappointed me a little… it’s uber glittery (as you might expect) and I’m just not sure it was a needed addition when we already have an Orgasm illuminator available.

NARS Copacabana Illuminator will be available from the middle of this month onwards from all NARS counters and online.  Priced at £23.50.


Are you liking the look of NARS Copacabana Illuminator or are you cooling your heels for swatches of the Laguna version?

Bargain of the Week! New Cid Eyes Lips & Cheek Palette

Posted by Lipglossiping On February - 4 - 2011

If you haven’t succumbed to the lure that is Urban Decay’s liner set… then may I gently steer you in the direction of this New Cid Eyes Lips & Cheek Palette.

I wasn’t sure quite how much of a bargain this palette was when I spotted it on ASOS a couple of weeks ago, but since having a closer look at the one that I was sent… I have to say, it’s a very good bargain indeed.  And at £12?  It’s a freakin’ steal!

Of course, you’re going to need to like neutrals to feel any joy in this palette – but if you do… or if you’re just looking for a palette that would fulfill your needs for when you get overtaken by an urge for a polished day look.  This is the palette for you.

The palette includes:  4 eyeshadows (3 shimmer, 1 matte), 2 lipsticks (round pans – the 2 on the left), 1 lip gloss (the 1 on the right) and a blush.

The eyeshadows are generously sized at 5.4gm apiece.

The set also includes a brush but it has no shape… it’s next to useless.  I don’t know why they even bothered.  Horrible thing.  Gah.

The shadows are a dream.  They’re smooth, pigmented and blendable.  The shades are spot-on and IMO particularly suited to cooler/neutral skintones.  Simply some of the prettiest I’ve come across, and I’ve seen a few!

As for the lip and cheek ‘tray’… it’s also delightful.  I’m not a big fan of lipsticks and glosses in pans like this… particularly when combined with powders.  One would have to ensure that they swipe the blush in the opposite direction to the lip pans to prevent a big old mess of product cross-contamination.

The blush is swatched on the bottom and the lips from left to right as ordered in the palette.

I do also find the palette a little bulky.  Whilst still completely portable for a weekend away, it’s not particularly slimline.  I’m nit-picking… and at a cost of £24, that’s fair enough.

But for £12?  For 4 beautiful shadows… a popping blush and lip colours that aren’t shit?

I’ve just bought one to give as a gift – it’s a cracking bargain and I suggest snapping it up while you still can!

Pantene Pro-V Colour Seal Concentrate: A Hair Miracle

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 26 - 2011

I’m not going to wrap this up in my usual 4348390 words incase I somehow lose the point of this post.  Let me simply tell you that I experienced a miracle this morning (yesterday morning by the time you’re reading this!).

I worked a blob of the new Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate through my hair last night after doing the usual shampoo/conditioner routine, left it on for 2/3 minutes and rinsed it out.  I went to bed with wet hair, fully expecting to regret my laziness the next morning and instead woke up to the softest, smoothest hair I can remember having.

The coarseness had completely disappeared and I was able to gather my hair into a smooth ponytail with ends so sleek that I couldn’t stop stroking them.

It’s now 13 hours later and my hair is sadly starting to feel a little more like it’s usual rough self so I’m not sold on Pantene’s claims of long-term effectiveness… still, even a full day of glossy locks has brightened my mood.  Yes, I’m as shallow as that last statment makes me appear.  I don’t care how it works (probably silicones, smoke and mirrors), I just care that it makes my hair (temporarily) very happy.

Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate should be available in your usual Pantene stockists now as part of the Pro-V Colour Protect range, it’s priced at £3.99 and I really recommend that you stop whatever it is you’re doing to go and buy some.

Paese Cosmetics… the review continues…

Posted by Lipglossiping On January - 19 - 2011

Ok, I’m finishing up with the review of the bits that I was sent last month.  Click here to read my other posts on the brand.  I’m battling a bit of a backlog at the minute thanks to the frustrations of losing the site over Christmas.  Bear with me!

Milky Lips in 602 (£4.44) is a pale cool-toned pink gloss that does what it says on the tin!

It’s a bit “Barbie” for me but I can imagine it being a hit among a younger crowd.  It’s tacky and long-lasting but prone to sinking into the furrows in your lips as these milky type glosses and pale lipsticks tend to do.

Moving on…

The Eyeshadow Trio Dancing Queen in 803 (£4.24) whilst nicely pigmented is frosty as hell.  It’s just too much for me though I was impressed at the texture which was a lot softer than I would have expected considering the amount of glitter these shades hold.  Fall-out is an issue when using these so be prepared to deal with it!

The darkest charcoal/blue shade in the trio is particularly nice but like I said, it’s all a bit too sparkly for me I’m afraid.

On with the next product…

I was VERY pleased with the Paese Pen Liner (£6.08) which I’ve been using daily ever since I received it.  So far (in over a month), it hasn’t dried out at all.  It could do with a little more pigment… as it stands, you do need to go over any lines you draw twice to get a solid, opaque finish.  So why am I holding it in such high esteem?

I love pen liners, I find them the quickest, easiest way to accomplish a simple black line along my upper lashline.  You can’t beat gel for pigmentation but I’m pretty cack-handed and keep falling back on these felt-tip type pens when I don’t have all day to get a perfect line.  The tip on this is a cracker.  Not even remotely scratchy and with a fine point that allows for a nice thin ‘flick’.  There’s a bit of bounce in the tip and it never skips as I draw along my lashline.  It’s solid and dependable… something I want in my eyeliner.

And finally…

Paese Blusher in 25 (£3.32) didn’t do anything to impress I’m afraid.  It’s a nice enough peachy/rose shade with a lovely, soft texture but it’s dusty as hell.  A real shame because it also happens to contain one of the nicest and most delicate shimmers I’ve ever seen in what is essentially a drugstore blush.

It’s very pigmented and a little goes a long way but if you take more than a couple of swipes during blending you’ll notice that you start to blend the blush into oblivion and will be left wondering where the hell it went.  One of those blush on, blush off blushers!

Final Thoughts on Paese Cosmetics

I have some concerns about the website which has those horrible block swatches that don’t give a great indication of the shades available.  There seems to be some mis-labelling amongst the categories and it all seems a bit like a work-in-progress rather than a finished consumer-ready website though I can’t emphasise enough how refreshing it is to see such reasonable shipping charges within the UK!

It’s a brand worth exploring with some little gems hidden among the standard less-impressive drugstore-esque fare.  In particular, I’d recommend the eyeliner and primer as well as the nail polish.  These are the products that I would personally re-purchase.

Are you planning to give Paese Cosmetics a try?


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